Hi i am in long distance relationships with a boy since more than 3yearsIn begining everything was going good. But now he has no time for me He goes to gym, enjoy time with his friends works but hardly talk on phone or online Whole day I just wait for him.

Its not like m free don't have anything to do. I also work but I have always time for him We want to marry. And he has already talk about us to his parents. But I haven't talked because m scared from my parents becoz we are from different cast.But i thought i have to tell them

. But just before 2 days I found he was doing sexting on skype with few girls. I was shocked. He wants to marry me and he was doing sexting.When I asked he said it was before 2 months ago when we had fight and we were not talking He hates me even if I do facebook. And when I found he did this he blamed me that I am.not doing all these with him. [he wants to do skype chat and sexting and etc for which i am not ready]*

My life is a quetionmark now.. I am so confused. I hate him for what he did.he How can a person be like this?He want to marry and he cheated with me? How can i talk about our relationdhip and marriage with my parents when I am not sure ? What should I do?