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Thread: parent's indifference towards teenage issues....

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    hello parents...
    I m new here and m specifically posting this post to bring about the new problems which our children face in this fast paced world and how they cope with it..
    I feel that the kids today are facing new issues which were not there at our times and hence we either not able to help them or we simply are indifferent towards them as we don't suppose them to be such a big issue..
    I realized this when my daughter started complaining about the acne she was getting on her face and the way in which this concerned her but not me... i feel the media and peer approval played a big role here....
    there are many similar topics and i want all of us parents to discuss this as well as other topics..kindly post your views...thank you..

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    Relevant topic Pallavi!
    It's a generation gap between parents and children. As you wrote that your daughter's acne problem is not a big issue for you because you know it generally happens in this age, but your daughter is facing it first time so she is concerned about it.

    Obviously, when you were a child, you also would have faced some G-gap with your parents. It's natural that children behave like this in teen age due to insicurity or a fast change in their life. We should sort out their problems as we are their friend not their parents. In this way, they can comfortably share their problems.

    For example, It's natural that teenagers attract towards opposit sex, and as you wrote media has a big role in this regard, they consider it as they are in love, but it's not exactly that. So if it happened to our child and we scold him/her, then they could act reballiously, as it is a teenage behaviour.

    There are so many examples and so many issues, it'd be better if other also take interest in such a nice topic.

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    yes i agree with u reena..
    i at first disagreed with my daughter's views about her acne but later i realized that i was precisely the same at my age..i too had acne and made a fuss about it..so i started to look at her as a friend and developed a point of view of catering to her issues as a teen..i know that sounds silly but it helped me a lot..and we are much more close now..and to thnk of it , it actually happened because she was in trouble..
    i also feel that Reena is right in talking about the attraction between teens.. they are going through hormonal, physical, psychological changes and of course the ever present media which bombards them with all the information in the world..this takes a toll on poor kids.. there shud be sum TV hour limit for kids i guess.. also i feel that most of the kids dont tell their parents about their attractions and boy friend/girl friend however we should be the first one to know about it and guide them to see things clearly (i dont mean that they should break up but yes they might need a more mature understanding)..
    well, i feel this is a major issuee with today's kids..but i would like to know any more issues any one can point out to..please post and discuss the already mentioned issues.. lets make our kid's life better

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    today i wish to talk about the issue which brought me to this site. as i have written , in the begining i was not giving heed to my daughter's acne and the way she made a fuss about it was also a bit unnerving for me. but i don't know how i remembered how the very same problem was a big issue for me when i was her age and giving the media exposure to the kids of today its really understandable for me now as to why looking good is such a big issue with today's kids.
    however, i also wish to talk about the solution to this issue..so can any one also help me out.....

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    hello people..
    I am very depressed today. My daughter is creating a new headache for me every now and then. Although i try my best to understand her point of view, sometimes she gets so very annoying that i too loose my temper. Actually what happened was that we had a wedding to go yesterday and the hosts were very close family friends. My whole family had planned to go there and we have been part of the whole wedding from the very beginning. But, day before yesterday my daughter developed acne and she refused to go even though there were only about 3 or 4 acne in total. Me and rest of my family tried real hard to get her mind changed but she didn't budge. I asked her to put some make-up on to hide the acne but that too didn't go down well with her. so we had to leave without her. We even got about half an hour late from the time we were supposed to reach there and it was so embarrassing when everybody asked about her whereabouts. I had to make up some story about her having some test tomorrow. I was really feeling bad the whole time and couldn't enjoy the party. It just ruined my day completely. And i am still feeling bad about yesterday.
    can any one help me and give some suggestions...

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    u r right pallavi it might seem like a headache but believe me ..i am a young guy and its not a small issue at all.. i too had pimples and its not pretty to have them let alone i am a guy and u have a daughter.. i mean there must be added pressure on her due to the thinking our society and media has on beauty.. but dont wrry there are solutions to ur problem (i mean your daughter's problem). you can go for proactiv solutions.. i use it and its cool..awesum..

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    hmm Proactiv... is it the thing which is being aired on zoom with some hollywood celebrities endorsing it?

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    You are talking about acne problems, this is an easy problem to solve, you can buy them something expensive like Proactive and this will disappear in a few days. I have a bigger problem, I live in australia and my daughter comes every day and talks to this oz boy and I once just picked up the phone and heard him talking bad things to her she is only 16 and I do not want her going on the wrong path, I told the boy not to call her every again, this he has been doing but my daughter does not listen and keeps calling him, and cries when I speak to her not to please keep calling him also the mobile phone is so costly and I am sure he is talking bad things to her.. can someone help please....

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    hmm i agree with you that your problem is very serious Premila. but have you ever thought about getting her some counseling. you know, we parents sometimes due to the emotional attachment there is between us and our children fail to have an objective view of the issue. i mean that we get very emotional and loose the coolness of mind needed to understand the issue and solve it. we tend to get harsh though i hope that you didn't do any such thing as kids retaliate in a very negative manner to these steps. i feel that you should get a counseling session done. a good psychiatrist will understand your issue and will not only solve it but also provide you with a better understanding of handling a situation.

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    yes pallavi the same thing which is being aired these days..it is an american product and you can get the info about it on the site proactiv.in ... its a great thing to use and it gave me results very very fast.. you will be amazed to see its effectiveness.. and of course the celebrities using it are really using it and not merely doing the advertisement for monetary issues.. i checked that out with my cousin's in US..

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    hey premila..what did you finally think of doing about your issue so that we all can also get an insight and some learning from it..kindly share your solutions with us all..
    and tarun dont you think that the product is a bit costly?

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    hey Premila... srry i dint took notice of ur cmnt last time..
    well i am young too and i think that some times parents tend to exaggarate the situation.. i mean that most of the teenagers talk that way which may feel offensive to you.. i dont know the exact talks of course but i feel that may be they are just normal teenage stuff like boys and girls discussions.. so u can just relax.. no point in making big deal out of it.. ofcourse u as a parent may feel a bit awkward at first due to the dissimilarity of their talking points and ur own but i feel that u will at the end of the day understand that its no big deal..

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    ok tarun but tell me dont you think that the product is a bit costly?

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    oh i have been using this product too.. its just amazing..u can chek my blog pallavi. it is- goneacne.blogspot.com

    its great and u can read abt my progress on the blog...
    still if u have sum queries then u can contact me here or on my blog..

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    hey neha..
    i went through your blog. It is actually very nicely written and is very informative about acne in general not to mention the proactiv part.
    thanks for helping me out. i guess i will buy the product for my daughter.
    In the meanwhile all the parents and children are requested to put up their issues.. lets help each other..

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