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Thread: Share your Terrible experiences with RD Rajpal Public School in Dwarka

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    Oops!! Thanks for the intimation!!
    My aunt was about to get admission for their children at R D rajpal School New Delhi… Thank god u saved their future…

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    Totally agree

    Couldn't agree with you more. The main culprit of this nonsense is only and only principal. She doesn't even know what she's doing and keep on firing teachers for small mistakes. You would find very small number of teachers that are working here from long time. Most of the teachers are new because of regular firing they do and this lead to impact on studies.

    Also, would like to let you guys know that school is most of the time engaged in recreational activities. I don't say that recreational activities are bad but there has to be a limit to it. Principal asks small kids (studying in nursery or KG) to come to school on holidays as well or even ask them to stay late for practice so that they can show brilliance performances in functions. But when it comes to mistakes from students, they scold them to hell without considering how little they are. Principal also scolds teachers in front of students; you can expect what impression of teachers will be on students and how much they will respect them. I think students need to be inspired by their teachers to learn and not by being afraid of them.

    I give 2 thumbs down to this school just because of it's principal.

    [QUOTE=anand001;250567]hello everyone,
    this is with utter disappointment i would like to bring to your notice that R D rajpal School happens to be a pathetic school.In case a student does well by fluke, his/her credit entirely goes to their parents or to their hard work.The school has no role to play in this regard. The school could have been a better school if the Principal was a dignified lady.The school chanmges the principal, the school can beat any other schools.Mrs Alka Kshatriya happens to be the major cause of her not being actively involved in changing the pathetic condition in school (in terms of frequent teacher change, worst conditions of books and copies, uniforms and management).The guardians are asked to speak good and favourable things about the school in front of audience in school functions.They also specify that they should not be honest but should be good.
    No one can voice their opinion.Infact teachers and staff members changes frequently.I also haerd from a taecher who recently left, that she abuses them if anything goes wrong.
    The chairman is not reachable.
    So , stay away from this School.I made a mistake, u all don't. (N)

    Parents saying about RD Rajpal public school[/QUOTE]

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    R D Rajpal - The most unprofessional school I have ever seen

    The school looks very good when you go there first time. They treat you well. You are impressed with the infrastructure (good place) but the people there are very unprofessional. First think first, it looks this school is run by one lady who sits in the reception. They never allow you to go beyond this lady. My daughter studied there for one year in class 3rd. She used to be a very active students (DPS hyderabad) but her performance went down by day by day. this is one problem we generally neglect and always blame our own child without considering the real facts.

    I was surprised when i first went to PTM. there were lots of complaint from the parents (it is OK most of the school will have some unsatisfied/irritated parents) so I neglected it but what surprised me was the way teacher was handling these complaints. She was not even considering any thing or trying to see what best she can do to handle it. She was kept complaining about the child to their parent. It looks like she want to complain before the parent say any thing about the school. I agree there may be few students but if most of the students are not doing well then what the hell school is doing.

    Any way I asked my wife that we should change the school but i am sure you will agree with me that you can't afford to shift your child to another school in the very next year. financially it is not a good advise (for the most of the middle class people) so I thought of lets see...

    In the mean time I needed to shift to new location and I checked with the school (of course the same lady in the reception) to let me know if they have bus service to this plae. She simply asked me to check with the contractor. They didn't have bus service to my new location. Although it was only a matter of 1 1.5KM to pick my daughter but she told me to talk to contractor only who was not able to help me. So i didn't have any other option to look for another school (which i was very happy). My wife informed them that we will be shifting her to new school and she said its OK…cool…..she didn't say anything

    Now on 28th March my wife asked her what is the procedure of changing the school. She said please submit the application. So I typed the applications and told her to submit. She went to the school on 2nd April and submitted the application……now that lady told her that it is too late the last day to inform the school about this was March 31st now you have to pay the first first quarter fee. My wife was annoyed as the same lady didn't say anything about last date on 28th March and now there is a last date. We have already informed her in the January itself that we are changing the school. She requested her if she can meet the principal but she told she will not meet you you have to pay the fee. when my wife told her that if this was the case you should have told me on the march 28th itself, i could have written the application here itself and given to you. she SIMPLY said you should have read the almanac it is written there. You will only get the TC after paying the fee…...

    Now the people who are recommending this school will take some pain to tell me.. if this is OK with them….acceptable….? than GOD save your child from this kind of unprofessionalism. If they can play these kind of tricks to earn some extra (free) money…..what they will they teach your child……

    I have seen some complaint about no study because of annual day function….let me tell you they are 200% right.. i have seen it…..a class 3rd student (as my daughter) can tell you what is happening in the school…..

    I am not going to pay the fee what come may….it is not about the money…but i can't allow myself to take for ride….

    let me give you one more small example. when i had visited this school for admission every time I found a horse near the entrance gate symbolizing that they have horse riding classes.. you will surprised to see it missing once the admissions are over….

    My personal suggestion for all the parent who are thing to get their child admitted in this school…..please do so if this the only option left……

    I never thought of writing any thing about this school and wanted to simply take my daughter to another school…..but they forced me to write this article….. By the way my daughter is in Queen Valley school and I can see the visible difference in her……as well as in her studies….she is active again as she was in DPS Hyderabad….

    Dharmendra Gusain

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