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Thread: Depression In Teenagers

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    My son doesn’t behave properly, he doesn't talk with anybody, doesn’t eat. Neither go out nor watch tv. Are these symptoms of depression? I'm really anxious about it. Can somebody help me to give solution that how can I get him out of depression? Plz help me.

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    Hi Sadhvi!

    you have not mentioned the age of your son. some times in a teen age due to the physical changes child gets upset. if you have elder son then you can tell him to talk to him in friendly manner, other wise his father can also help him by doing the same.

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    Thanks for you concern Sonal.
    My son is 14 y/o. His father lives out of town due to job purpose. So it's also a problem of my worry. Please give me a solution.

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    try to find out with his friends, is he facing some problem in studies or might be infatuation is the reason which is very commom in this age group. you just take him out and give him his favorite treat. try to be friendly with him asking about his school friends, teacher's or about the girl he likes the most. in this way he will become comfortable with you and will start behaving properly. in this age children think that their parents will not understand their problems. In this case best way to be close to you is remove the age gap b/w you and your child think as you are also 14 years old.

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    Sadhvi try to find one more thing.. or u can ask him directly is dere ny girl in his life or its jst bcos of study burdun.. how r his class mates?? talk to his class teacher abt his performance in class, talk to his best frend abt him dat whether its happeining into home only or he is same out side of home.. does he takes participate in school activities?????

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    @ janvi & sonal > gud yaar.........

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