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Thread: Is Live In Relationship Acceptable In India?

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    Not a sin

    Personally,its one's personal choice.
    Its not a taboo or sin and western countries adopted it to avoid genuine/real married relation errors/divorces.
    By law this is what it is “It is part of right to life to go away with someone you love,” . SC also said women who in this relation for long time will have same right as a married women.

    But ours is an indian society is not fully westernized society women will have lot of stress from society and parents how much ever modern or strong they are women have to bend for one or another issue. so, if you love her and want to be with her for life marry her.
    if you are unsure please let her go atleast she can live a stress-less social life and a life which she always wanted.

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    Hey this question really sounds silly.............

    Live in relationship is not acceptable in India..........it is a sin.This only suits western or foreign country, but definitely not our country. It is totally against the Indian culture, no body can stay together without marriage. What made you ask this question? Do you have an idea of getting married to her? If so! Come what may go ahead and marry her. This is the better solution.

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    No definitely not.......

    This is not the country which accepts live in relationship, India is very much known or famous for its tradition and culture; this is not an Indian culture at all. No body in India will support live in relationship. There are lots of oppositions for these kinds of relationships especially in India.

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