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Thread: Home Remedies for Skin Allergy

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    I have many pimples on my chest and back. I'm using a prickly heat powder and "Safi" as well. But haven't got any benafit. Can you suggest any good home remedy for this type of skin allergy.

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    Hi DJ

    You can apply the paste of sandalwood and limejuice on the affected area
    Mix coconut oil with lemon juice and apply it on the affected area

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    You might want to check if u have dandruff. It is known to cause allergy in the back and chest.. Otherwise the best remedy is to drink at least 5 glasses of water as soon as u get up. It cleanses the system.. If its dandruff you have to consult your doctor for medication. Try besan and curd if they are painful..avoid wearing synthetic clothes. Use only cotton. You can try applying calamine lotion too.

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    dear DJ to get rid of this you must take Trifla juice twice a day .100% cure will be there,Ask me i will send that 09929091771

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    [quote=DJ]I have many pimples on my chest and back. I'm using a prickly heat powder and "Safi" as well. But haven't got any benafit. Can you suggest any good home remedy for this type of skin allergy.[/quote]
    There are different types of allergies including prickly heat, contact dermatitis, urticaria etc. In case of contact dermatitis the skin shows reaction to the allergen as soon as it approaches the skin and it causes inflammation. Red rashes and itching are the characteristics of prickly heat. It happens mainly during dry and warm weather conditions. Utricaria is also called hives in which a fluid gets deposited on the skin resulting in swelling of the skin.

    Various reason which are responsible for the skin allergy include a sudden or quick change in climatic conditions, specially in temperature, consumption of foods to which our skin is sensitive, use of soap products, use of certain skin creams and lotions, dust and smoke in the environment, pollens, consumption of various drugs etc. In case you are able to detect the substance to which your skin is allergic, you should avoid that substance.

    If you find skin allergy after consumption of certain food, avoid taking that food in future. Excessive consumption of alcohol may exaggerate the symptoms and hence you are advised to avoid alcoholic drinks. Smoking is a major factor which can make the symptoms worse and therefore you should give up smoking.

    People with weak immune are at high risk of skin allergy. Hence you should consumption food which makes immune stronger. Consumption of vitamin C in this regards is very helpful. Almond leaves are very helpful in skin allergy. Mashed leaves of almond when applied to the affected area provide a quick relief from the symptoms. In case of itching you can apply mashed seeds of papaya. Lemon juice when mixed with coconut oil gives a quick relief from the skin allergy.

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    Skin allergy can be caused due to many reasons these are the common remedies that can be used to cure the pimple Skin allergies caused due to many reasons.

    1. Two times in a month have only liquids for about two to three days. This will cleanse your system and make you lead a healthy life along with preventing the skin allergies.

    2. Apply some fresh aloe Vera gel over the affected skin, as this will give cooling effect to the skin and thus give relief from the pain and itching.

    3. Mix few drops of lemon juice into sandalwood powder and prepare paste from it. Apply this paste over the skin allergy.

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    There are so many people who have back and chest acne. This is quite common nowadays. Donít worry i will help you out by giving some simple home remedy try that it perfectly works, donít ignore.

    Here it goes;

    These tips are basically related to ayurvedic medicine.....

    Take the raddish seeds and mix it along with honey and milk. Then apply this mixture on the affected area, this will definitely help you to get rid of this.

    The second one is, apply the mixture of a freshly squeezed lemon juice with cinnamon powder. This is one of the common home remedy for chest and back acne.

    Try this for best result......

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