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Thread: What is the procedure of Indian passport renewal?

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    my minor passport expires soon and i need to convert it to an adult passport. What is the procedure for it? thanks in advance

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    Hello Varsha.......

    If you are a holder of a passport, then you are entitled to an automatic re-issue of a passport, without prior police verification provided the original passport was issued from the same Passport Office. You can apply one year before the passport expires or within 5 years after it expires to obtain this expeditious service.

    Apply with the following documents:

    1) Fresh application form.

    2) Old passport (in original) and two self-attested photocopies of the first four and last four pages.

    3) Proof of Address: Two self-attested photocopies either of your ration card or appointment letter of reputed companies on letter head or water tax or telephone bill or electricity bill or running bank account or Income Tax Assessment order or Election Commission ID Card.

    If you have not continuously stayed at the present address for the last one year, an additional set of ‘Personal Particulars Form’ for each place of residence with a photograph and two self-attested copies of supporting documents.

    4) Seven identical photographs in black and white or colour – 4 photographs pasted on the form and signed across partly on the photo and partly on the form and 2 photographs unsigned to be pasted on page 5 of the application form and one unsigned photograph on the Passport Application Registration Form.

    5) A demand draft (DD) payable to the Regional Passport Office or Passport Office concerned for an amount prescribed.

    6) If your employment status has changed from a private employee to that of a Government or Public Sector or Statutory body employee, a "No Objection Certificate" in original as per specimen with a self-attested photocopy or two copies of the letter by you to your Head of Office informing that you are applying for a passport and duly acknowledged by your Head of Office.

    7) If you are eligible for ECNR, two self-attested photocopies of any one of the supporting documents (details given above).

    8) If you have changed name due to marriage, two self-attested photocopies of husband’s passport, if any, or an affidavit (original and one self-attested photocopy) from the husband and wife along with a joint photograph, as per specimen.

    9) If you have changed name due to other circumstances, deed/sworn affidavit (original and one self-attested photocopy), as per specimen, and a paper cutting (original and one self-attested photocopy) each of two leading daily newspapers, where change of name has been publicised.

    10) If you have ever been repatriated at government cost and since refunded the amount to the government, two self-attested photocopies of the refund receipt.

    11) If you have ever been deported to India, two self-attested photocopies of documents.

    @ Varsha >I Know that some points (from 6 to 11) do not belong to u, but I posted for info to all....

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    If your passport is expired then it is necessary to get it renewal. For this first you need to feel application for renewal online. Once it is done you will receive the scheduled date for interview. During this time carry your passport size photographs, address proof, status proof, education proof and all the necessary documents. Once you get the new passport old one will be cancelled however if there are any visa stamp in old passport the same can be used for reference so in that time you need to carry both old and new passport.

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    Indian passports generally are always issued for about 10 years time. You will have to submit some documents for passport renewal. If your kid is under 18 years of age, then he must be having children’s passport. These are valid just for 5 years. You can contact passport office to get more details about how to do this

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    The process of getting the passport renewed is similar like in for new one. What is the difference in the process is that you need to have two self-attested photocopies of the old passport. Rest follows with the earlier documents like attached Photostat copies of Address proof and education certificates. But if there is change of job or occur of marriage then you need to produce all of the certificates. Moreover what is important is to make a demand draft (DD) for the amount mentioned in the form. Well nowadays photo is taken in the official camera instead of producing by yourself.

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