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Thread: Lost my passport!

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    I am Shubham. I have lost my passport (stolen from residence) day before yesterday, I have applied / complained regarding the same in written to the nearest police station - the thing I need to know is that I have just got my passport file number - please let me know the procedure to get the passport number as the same will be required for application of renewed passport

    Also, though I have been told by the sub inspector that the copy of application (which is duly signed by himself) is sufficient enough as a proof to be attested with the passport application - could you help me whether this thing will be okay?

    Shall await for the reply

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    Dont worry.We can get your new pp in 10 days without fail.we have very good contacts with travel agents n higher authorities in pp office.
    email your contact no and lost pp details at [email]mrk.global@yahoo.co.in[/email] for any help needed.
    Thank you,

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