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Thread: Will parents loose?

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    What do you think will parents loose relatives if they accept intercast marraige??

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    Not in all cases. its only a matter of time. Once the couple settles well and start living happily, all those unnecessary thoughts would vanish and everything would be normal. Its important to consider the thoughts and advice of close relatives, but it is equally important for you and your parents to decide your life and future.


    [quote=angel123]What do you think will parents loose relatives if they accept intercast marraige??[/quote]

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    You do not need to worry that much. Just because of an intercast marriage if they loose relatives on such a small issue then its an eye opener for your parents. But normally it doesn't happen. After few days everything becomes normal.


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    Rightly said sanjay,

    Intercaste marriages is become very common these days, most of the parents do accept these kind of wedding. I can give you an example of my own friend who married a girl with different caste, his parents did not oppose rather they accepted the marriage. They see only the proper love and affection other than caste, religion etc....They want their childrenís life to be well settled. They do not bother about the relatives; if they have a hope that my son/daughter will lead a happy life with their life partner, i am sure they will never reject it; they will only look for the happiness of their children. Once the life gets settled, then everything will be alright. I donít think that parents will loose relatives if they accept intercaste marriage. This is my opinion about it.

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