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Thread: Favorite tv actress...

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    Who is your favorite tv actress and why do you like her ? I have seen Kavita Patil in The Unit tv show, she is my favorite tv actress. She is too hot and so beautiful. Nothing to compare with anyone. She is an angel...

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    I like Susan in [url=http://download-desperate-housewife-episodes.edogo.com]Desperate Housewives TV Show[/url] which act as a beautiful role in this show.

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    Marisa Tomei

    My favourite actress name is Marisa Tomei. Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.She is Nominated oscar award in 1993,2002,2009. She Nominated in 2001 Entertainment Award.


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    Smile saharasams

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    my fav actess is Kajol

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    my favorite angelina jolie because old is gold..

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    Angelina jolie is my favorite Actress, She is one of the great actress.

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    Hi all,

    As I watch Zee TV often, my favorite actresses are Kratika Sengar from Punar Vivah, Suhasi Dhami from Yahaan Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli and Ankita Lokhande from Pavithra Rishta.

    Kratika Sengar is the actress who acted as Rani Lakshmi Bai in Jhansi Ki Rani in Zee TV. No one might have done that role with that much courage. She exactly resembles the Lakshmi Bai in the way she acts and her expressions were awesome.

    Keep watching them!!!

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    My favorite actress is Kristen Stewart, I like her so much. I watch her movie series of Twilight. Her looks and Acting is awesome in the movie.

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    I mostly watch Tamil and Hindi channels, and I do have interesting reasons for y am watching it
    Firstly I watch Hindi channels to admire actresses extraordinary costumes & commendable accessories, producers of bollywood have a propensity to encourage modernity and they tend to publish it decently through their serials, TV shows & Films. Most of the Hindi TV actresses are really very smart and pretty, I have 4 people whom I like the most i.e. Actress Jhanvii in Dil se di dua.Saubhagyavati Bhava, Lakshmi in Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki & Simar & roli in Sasural Simar Ka, there acting and pretty body structure is eye-catching!!

    Tamil tv actresses are built up naturally with huge sense of humor, I love to watch their body languages their funny talks and etc. The most I Like is Actress Divya Darshini who host home sweet home, Actress Keerthi who host Manda mayilada, Actress Ramya & Shwetha who host Nama veetu Kalyanam last but not least Actress Priyadrshini who host many tv Shows in Kalainar tv as well Sun tv.
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    mine favorite actress is Kristen Stewart. I have seen her in the movie Twilight. She looks Gorgeous in the movie........

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    Hi guys,its a great topic of entertainment.Mine favorite tv actress is Marisa Tomei.Its very talented and hard work.Its so beautiful in Hollywood.

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    Hi all,

    My Favorite TV actress is Ankita Lokhande. She is the leading cast in the serial, “Pavithra Rishtha” in Zee TV. I think the serial is running more than a year. I love the way she acts, express, cry, dance, etc.

    She looks pretty in all the sarees which she wears in that serial. Sushant Singh Rajput who paired with her looks awesome. If Zee TV conducts a contest to vote for the best couple, I will vote for Ankita and Sushant.

    If you have time to watch Zee TV, never miss this perfect love story!!!

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    I like many Actress.All gave her best performance.There is same names of actress:
    Kate Winslet
    Robin Wright
    Natalie Portman
    Julie Gonzalo
    Penélope Cruz
    Maggie Grace

    kate winslet is my favorite actress.She is beautiful.and she play the best role in all ...

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    Hello everyone,

    I used to watch Hindi serials in Zee TV and Star Plus. My favorite actresses are:

    Ankita Lokhande
    Ragini Khanna
    Jiaa Manek
    Mansi Parek
    Hina Khan

    You can also start your voting right at the moment, to find out who is the best as off now!!!

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    Sonakshi Sinha is my favorite actress from Bollywood.Two movies of she done and i watched the both.Recently a new movie is coming soon name is Joker i think this movie will also done good business.

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    Everyone has their own favorite TV actress.. My favorite TV actress is Sakshi Tanwar.. At present she is acting in Bade Ache Lagte Hain.. She gives some or the other message to the audience through the serial.. Her expressions and acting are fantastic.. Especially the silly fights which she always used to put with Ram Kapur in the same serial was awesome.. Their chemistry is too good..

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    I mostly watch Hindi Serials and Tamil TV shows; my favorite serial actress in Hindi is Devon Ke Dev Mahadev heroine Mouni Roy (Sati), she is the most beautiful lady among the crew and her acting in this serial is so delightful and natural, her drama seriously gives sense like we all are flying somewhere in the heaven… I wish u all to watch this serial, it’s really very interesting and this intends to know more about Hindu mythology…

    My favorite TV actress in Tamil is Divya Darshini, she is simply superb lady filled with huge humor sense, she not only speak or crack jokes while anchoring but also gives valuable advices in a funny way. She is a good dancer, who secured many awards for her classical dance performance.
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    my favorite TV Actresess are Nina Dobrev, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.

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    I like Khushi Kumari Gupta She is so elegant and charming Sanaaya looks more gorgeous after marrying Arnav No words to tell I like her so much.. She manage all the problems in such a way that everybody should watch that serial.. She is so Nat Khat (naughty ) which I like the most please watch her in Star plus Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon everyday @ 8 oclk

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    My favorite actress is Kristen Stewart....!!

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