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Thread: How To Prevent Television Addiction

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    My 13 year old son is addicted to television. He watches the TV most of the time. I'm really worried about his studies as he's studying in class Xth. Please give me some helpful tips to prevent his TV addiction.

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    Set aside a schedule when it comes to watching television and be very strict about it... Whether or not he chooses to study there will be no TV...Be firm and motivate him to do well in studies..

    If nothing works discoonect the cable connection and put him in sports or arts..


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    oh. me too addicted to tv... even in exam also i cant compromise 4 dat... me too waitin 4 more response.... m thinking of removin it... wat u say guys...

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    Television is a substitute for boredom these days.. Its become part of our dinner time, relaxing time family time etc..

    Its better to encourage kids and teenagers to choose other hobbies rather than sitting in front of it...

    An hour of TV a day would be okay but more than that is not good and is not required either..

    Let them play outdoors or join some classes.. It'll help to keep them focussed adn give them a break.. Tv just lulls the brain.. to sleep mode..


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    Hi Tanisha,

    While many people have strong feelings about it, television is neither good nor bad in itself. Certainly some of the programmes are poor quality, and most parents ensure that their small children avoid over-violent or sexual shows. But there are also many excellent programmes available - documentaries on wild-life, travel shows, science demonstrations and the like. There are also plenty of harmless movies, and lots of children's entertainment on TV.

    Enjoyment and relaxation or mindless addiction to TV?
    But where is the line between genuine enjoyment and relaxation in front of the TV, and an addiction that takes over life completely? Do you give your children totally free access, or limit them to certain shows and videos, or keep the TV generally switched off?

    For many children, TV is simply one more activity to choose from during the day. If this is the case, there is no need to impose any restrictions as your child will view intelligently, occasionally, and gain a great deal from what he sees. This situation often occurs in homes where the parents always watch with the child, and have a variety of other activities on offer - outings, plenty of books, art and craft, construction toys and friends over to play.

    Using the television as a babysitter
    Unfortunately, in many families the TV is little more than a babysitter. If you sit your child in front of the TV (even a harmless video) while you do your baking or housework, you are in danger of raising a TV addict. Certainly there's nothing wrong with 10-15 minutes relaxing in front of the TV - and if you need to do something on your own, a short babysitting period like this does no harm. But too often the parents see the child passively watching, and the ten minutes can turn into an hour or more. No longer is there any enjoyment - but an acceptance of whatever is shown.

    There are also some children particularly prone to TV addiction. They are the ones who switch on first thing in the morning, and - despite plenty of other interesting activities available - persist in sitting watching, even when there is nothing they actually want to see. They lose interest in anything else, and seem to complain any time the TV is switched off.

    Trying to get beyond TV addiction
    When this happens, the best thing to do is plan a week of activities outside the home, and avoid switching the TV on altogether. If you are yourself reliant on the TV for entertainment, this may be difficult - but it will be of long-term benefit to the whole family. Alternatively try locking the set away upstairs for a week - or even a month!

    The first few days may be hard as your child suffers withdrawal symptoms, but the worse he behaves, the more addicted he must have been. Make sure you offer sympathy, and plenty of interesting activities which use up his energy, as well as lots of nutritious food. Gradually his imagination and creativity should return and he will want stories, art and craft activities, and time to play with friends.

    Planning television time together with your children
    You can then (if you wish) reintroduce the TV with careful planning. Sit down with your child and the TV guide once per week and circle any programmes which he really wants to see. Discuss with him how long he feels is reasonable to spend each day watching TV. Talk about other activities, and what he must give up if he wants to watch TV - show him how much more time he had when the TV was off.

    He may decide he doesn't want to bother with TV at all, or that he would just like to watch one video as a family each week. Or he may have particular shows that he would like to see. Try to make sure this is no more than an hour per day at most, or the addiction may return. And watch everything with him, so you can switch off at the end.

    Good Luck.


    Source: [url]http://home-ed.info/parenting/TV_addict.htm[/url]

    > Tanisha1 wrote:

    > My 13 year old son is addicted to television. He watches the TV most of the time. I'm really worried about his studies as he's studying in class Xth. Please give me some helpful tips to prevent his TV addiction.

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    Hi , as our seniors advised follow the guidlines,really TV is not bad it is an invention but the contents are to be judged which is good for their career as well as mental relaxation, you can also tell them to plan for any innovative ideas so as to come up in life, guide them for watching national events, news, climatic conditions, slowly select some topper channels which purely guides for success in exams , never switch off immediately any programmes which viewed by your childred this will create negative and result in bad , do not giveup slowly win the confidence.

    good luck.

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    ask him to join some other classes (dance basket ball or volley ball classes) or ask him play some outdoor games or cut cable or dish connection

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    Be Selective: That's right! You can't possibly like all kinds of shows. But you end up watching them anyway because your eyes are glued to the screen. Please do not feel bad because I used to be a big tv fan long time ago.

    Find out what type of shows you really want to watch. If you don't like horror events in real life then you really don't have to stick around to watch "The Exorcist" or "Tales of the Crypt". It's all the matter of choice. It might be so obvious that I don't even have to write about it. But people often forget about their own choices just so they can be in front of tv all day.

    Find out which actors and actresses you like the most. If their shows are not on tv then you should focus elsewhere instead.


    Time Limit: Fix the number of hours you should allow yourself to watch tv each day. I would not recommend more than three hours. You can watch a nice movie with commercials and one extra half hour show. Or you should be able to watch an entire news show plus the weather channel.

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    There are a lot of ways to treat every addiction that a person has. It's all up to you. You can use positive reinforcement or negative. The best way is positive. An example is behavioral disorder. Doctors and experts would advice them to take medicational drugs or wilderness therapy. Wilderness therapy is a natural way of eleminating behavioral disorders. In your case, if you cant really control the addiction of your kid, you might as well want to try sending him off to some <a href=http://www.teen-boarding-school.com/teen-boarding-schools/therapeutic-boarding-schools-information.html]military boarding schools</a>. He/she can learn to descipline his/her own self through the school.

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    Many people develope habits which turn into addiction.Addiction means not having any limit or control over something.It could be drugs that you are addicted to,or maybe sex could also be the internet or chating.If you want to prevent addiction you have have to learn to control your desire.You also have to be wise in choosing what you want,by that i mean you do have to think of the consequences.For example if it is smoking you are addicted to,in long term your health conditions will worsen and unless you do not want that to happen you should not approach smoking in the first place.Know the consequnces, be aware and then choose.


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    According to my point of view you have to fix the schedule of your child. And you can bring video games comic books and so many things through which he hasn't time that he will think for watching television.

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