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Thread: Home Remedies for Foot Care

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    Are there any home remedies for foot care and toe nails. Pls lemme know some.....thanx in advance..

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    Enu.. Go for a pedicure at least once a month.. Every alternate day soak your feet in warm water with salt and soap and clean ... Apply a foot cream and massage well..

    For toe nails.. keep them medium sized and every time you clear the polish leave it bare for alteast 2 days and apply coconut oil to the nails.. Mehandi on the nails is also very good but not many prefer it..

    You can use a foot scrub too if you wish..

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    Kool tips..! very useful tips rada thanks very much and this forum is THE wonderful forum which talks about everything.. am happy and proud to say am a member and fan of sukh-dukh.

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    I Have a home remedy for cracked feet my mom though me some times back for it you will need.
    1. Candle wax
    2. coconut oil

    Now add the table spoon of a small bowl and add the candle wax to the bowl, heat the mix of candle and wax together when it turns to liquid form and keep it aside to cool, and apply the mixture to your feet 3 times in a week It always works for me and my mom.

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    During this season it is normal that the skin gets damaged, so it is very important to take a good care of it. The foot gets affected much. I would like to give out few home remedies for foot care, please have a glance at it;

    When you are taking bath, rub your toe with pumice stone, after that apply some moisturizing ointment on your feet.
    Apply few drops of lemon juice and Vaseline on the cracked area.
    After taking bath massage your feet with almond oil, it makes the feet glow.

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    Home Remedies for Foot Care

    Gently rub the lime to your feet and wash it after 15 min.. Then apply moisturizer and wear socks ..,

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    Foot care is very much important, especially during this season. We do lot of things with our feet like walking, jogging, running etc....so it is a must to take a special caution on them. Have the habit of soaking your feet in the hot water, take up homemade pedicure, drink plenty of water, apply a soothing and a natural foot lotion, always wash your feet and keep it clean. These are the simple home remedies for foot care. Hope it helped!!

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