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Thread: Avatar Review

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    All of you guys and gals need to watch Avatar 3D. It is one of those cool movies created by James Cameron after the Terminator sequel. The graphics are mind blowing. I think the director just let his imagination fly. I was watching one of the interviews and he said that he waited for a few years..until 2005..for technology to give life to his ideas.

    The trailers are being aired on almost every channel. It is a must watch film for people who follow their heart. I am sure you know what I mean.

    It is a must watch movie and hey dont forget to wear your 3D goggles. :):=)

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    Dec 2009
    Hi Frisbee
    Thank you very much I am new to this forum. What you said is true each and every one should see the Avatar movie.
    I saw it 3 days ago with my G friend she loved it too, and I think I'll go to see it again this weekend with my friends and family trust me it is AMAZING!!!

    Thank you

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    The year's most ambitious film is so breathtaking, it detracts you from the fact that Cameron's characters are caricatures, and too much of the dialogue is stock Avatar is overlong, dramatically two-dimensional, smug and simplistic.

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    James Cameron prepares to be "King of the Universe" with his film "Avatar,"

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    poor guy got clobbered at the Oscars...him and Quentin...i am still fuming over the Hurt Locker winning best film...i was rooting for Inglorious Basterds or Avatar...Hurt Locker rolls at this slow pace and the ending of the Hurt Locker is just korny.

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