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Thread: passport delay

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    Dec 2009
    my flat number was printed incorrectly in my passport,so through the miscecellaneous token system i submitted my passport for correction on 17-11-09.The passport counter person said that the passport would be sent in 15 days,but i still didnt get my passport..what should i do? please help

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    hey amba sru,
    I had the same issue with my passport too. In my place they told me they will sent with in 16 days. But i got after 25 days i hope you should still ask the concern person or waite for more five to ten days.Or you can write a writen complaint to the passport office,

    I will be happy if you know more information about this issue let me know!
    Thank you ,

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    Oct 2012
    Hey Amba !!

    Have you received your passport ??? I am also facing same problem can you please help me.. did you take any steps to get your passport?? please any body can help me in this..

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