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Thread: ITL Public School Dwarka

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    The ITL public school in dwarka is charging Rs. 800 from every student, towards the contribution for Annual Function.

    Not only this, the tution fees charged by them is already very high and they charge a number of other fees on the top of it.

    i want to ask, is there any law that prevents private schools from charging hefty amounts from students just for their own development and publicity.


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    Hi Ritu,

    I entirely agree with u that private schools charge exorbitant fees on flimsy grounds. But unfortunately there is no law against it. One practical way out is that u can highlight this issue in media. U can write ur complaint to some newspaper or a more effective way is if u can get in touch with some news channel & they agree to highlight this case.


    truly yours

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    hi ritu,

    i also agree on this, that private schools put a lot of financial burden on parents. This is actually a larger issue.
    There are a lot malpractices being followed in private schools these days.

    i would advice you to put a complaint to DOE (Directorate of Education) and CBSE.


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    hi....i only partially agree wid wht u hav written...yeas ITL charged Rs.800 frm each student 4 da annual day...but the money was spended on sumthing worth. I, being a student of ITL..participated in the annual day and it was fabulous...our costumes were worth Rs.1000....And u r talking abt ITl charging a high tution fee...well, it has a total air-conditioned building...with CCTV cameras ina ll portions of the school..and even the buses r air-conditioned....with FM..we hav a real nice set of teachers....so i think so the fees of our school is worth of wht it has given has....

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    if you really think it is worth spending Rs.1000 on one costume, i beg to disagree with you. it would have been better if this money was given in charity. do you have any idea how much money was spent on the booking the auditorium. why was it required to book the most expensive audi in town, when the function could also be held in school.
    This is nothing but commercialization in education. i was also the part of the function. it only looked like the principal was advertizing for her school and trying to make it more popular, so that more and more students join in.

    i agree with you that, ITL has a total airconditioned building and has CCTV cameras. the buses are also airconditioned.
    but WHAT ABOUT STUDIES ??? i believe the school stands nowhere in studies. Everything seems to me as superficial. you got to have very good teachers with strong fundamentals. the students only come to school to have fun and study outside in tutions.. because the parents have enough money to afford. but not every parent can afford this.
    one more thing, the school is charging a high activity fee of Rs. 1000 per month and since last 3-4 months there has been no activity(swimming, horse riding etcc...).

    The school cannot achieve anything by making the students stay in school till 4 o clock, unless the school has strong fundamentals.
    last but not the least, i am sure.... this school is not functioning as per DOE regulations..


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    Let me introduce myself as Dr. C. Bharadwaj, Scientist from Indore going to be transferred to Delhi this month or Jan2007. I shall be residing in Pusa/Inderpuri area. Someone has suggested that ITL is very good school. But i see contrary reports. Can anyone sincerely suggest me good schools to transfer my ward to. Currently he is in DPS, Indore in second standard and i shall move him to 3rd Standard. All DPS are showing no vacancy, but certainly i shall give a try in them. Please mail and guide me earliest at [email]chbharadwaj@yahoo.co.in[/email]., 09827214802. Madam, how was your experience, regarding study atmosphere in ITL.

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    Hi Mr Bhardwaj,

    Some of the reputed schools in Delhi are:

    DPS R.K. Puram
    Springdales (Pusa Road, Dhaula Kuan)
    Modern School (Barakhamba Road, Vasant Vihar)
    Mothers International
    Ryan International

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    Madam Ritu and Tilak Sir,
    Thak you very much for the information. I shall be residing in Inderpuri Area. I read that there is restriction in distance for school buses to ply?

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    No Mr. Bhardwaj there is no restriction in distance for school buses to ply in Delhi. In fact since u would be residing in Inderpuri, I think Springdales Pusa Road would be apt choice for u.

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    i agree with tilak, these are some of the best known schools in Delhi.

    as far as ITL is concerned,

    +ve Points:
    - facilities are good - all classrooms are AC and buses are AC (although not very effective).
    - it has a swimming pool
    - horse riding activity is available
    - audio/visual aid facility available

    -ve points
    - very high fee
    - it is a new school (system not properly defined)
    - first batch of Class 12 not out as yet.
    - the teachers are not very experienced
    - the Principal herself is not experienced
    - if you talk about study atmosphere, as i have already said, students do not study in school but outside in tutions


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    Thank you. Some has suggested Ryan International vasant kunj and rohini. How are these schools?In Springdales more emphasis is on extra curricular activities than studies, is it so? kindly guide me.
    In ITL if the emphasis is not on studies and if the staff isnt experienced, do you think its worth giving a try? You have your ward there, Mrs Ritu madam, how do you feel about his progress?

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    Further which is primary wing of DPS RK Puram, DPS Vasant Vihar or Vasant Kunj?

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    DPS Vasant Vihar is the primary wing of DPS RK Puram.

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    My son also studies in ITL Public School and i am quite satisfied with the school overall. I agree it charges somewhat more, but you see that one knows at the time of admission.
    As far as comparison with other schools is concerned, i would say, one can appreciate the existing thing only when one has experienced others. I have friends and relatives who have their kids in Springdales, Ryan, DPS Vasant Kunj etc. and have had negative feedback about them as well. So it is not right to just comment without knowing the reality.

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    Hi shv91 thank you for the reply. Can i have an approximate idea hw much i have to shell out for my child if i were to admit him in ITL to class three (Including transport). Here in DPS Indore i am spending about Rs 33000 annually which includes, term fee, transport and annual charges. Apart from this the school charges a one time admission fees of rs 20,000 of which rs 5000 is refundable at the time of leaving the school. However from next year the fees are going to increse by 4800 as they are startin lunch facility at the school (All schools have lunch facility in Indore and DPS is introducing the same from next academic year). There are no separate charges for activities like skating/horse raiding/swimming etc. annual function charges towards the costume range from 400-500 if the child participates and is not compulsory for the child to participate.
    I understand very well that rates of delhi are in no way comparable to Indore. But if you can provide me an idea of how much i may have to spend if sending to ITL or any other school that you know of or you are spending towards your ward it will be very useful.

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    I shall be staying in Inderpuri area

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    I think approx 15K per quarter.


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    Thank you shevta. Maam Ritu u havent told how u feel with ur wards progress there. Someone has told that DPS Dwaraka charges aone time admissin fee of Rs 50,000 and quarter fee of rs 9000 ( all this info is of two years back when they got their child admitted, however the quarter fee remains the same). How is St. Columbus, CP and Ryans International.

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    hello everone

    first of all, i apologize for the delayed reponse.

    Dr. Bharadwaj, i believe Springdales, Pusa Road would best suit you as per your location.

    as far as ITL public school is concerened, i am not at all satisfied with their systems and staff. i am also thinking of moving my child to another school, but i havnt been able to do enough research on other schools as yet. i would prefer to put my child in a school which has experienced staff and the school should be old.

    even though ITL has the buses but there are no fix timings, sometimes the school closes at 2, sometimes at 4 and sometimes beyond 4 also. you might even have to go and pick up your child from school many times.

    Moreover the attrition rate is so high in the school.


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    Thank you very much for the post. To add to my blues, I had recvd my transfer orders and i shall be moving this month. With no one here, its really becoming herculean task to get mid term admission. All schools i contacted asked to seek admission for next term only (3rd standard).
    Anyway thank you for the information and i shall keep a note not to touch there.

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