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Thread: ITL Public School Dwarka

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    I also partially agree wid this as i being a student of ItL recognise the kind of education as well as facilities they are providing us..Some teachers whose names I dont want to say are very rude & don even know proper english.. I was truly mad about this as in such a high & gud school, They are providing us with these kind of teachers..

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    > prerna14 wrote:

    > hi....i only partially agree wid wht u hav written...yeas ITL charged Rs.800 frm each student 4 da annual day...but the money was spended on sumthing worth. I, being a student of ITL..participated in the annual day and it was fabulous...our costumes were worth Rs.1000....And u r talking abt ITl charging a high tution fee...well, it has a total air-conditioned building...with CCTV cameras ina ll portions of the school..and even the buses r air-conditioned....with FM..we hav a real nice set of teachers....so i think so the fees of our school is worth of wht it has given has....
    Prerna,,I think u've gone wrong sum where in this post as the teachers are very unkind & rude till where I know.(raju)
    As a frnd i would request you to delete this post & write a new 1..


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    I totaly agree with Jagwant. My friendís wife worked at ITL few months back. I will share inside story of ITL with you.

    At ITL infrastructure(building etc.) is excellent & whatever reputation ITL has, is purely on the basis of good infrastructure.

    However, the team managing the school is totaly unprofessional. Good teachers don't stay at the school for long because they are harassed by the Principal of the School on behest of few Psychofants. The situation has become so bad that good teachers don't even apply for a Job at ITL. Only those teachers stick to ITL who don't get offer elsewhere. Good teachers leave in 1 yr or 2 yrs due to unruly & chaotic behaviour of the Principal.

    School is running in the name of one Mr. Lugani, who was ex-founder Pincipal at DPS. But Mr. Lugani visits the school only for attending functions & seems to be having no role in management.

    With due respect to Mr. Lugani, if he is playing any role in managing the school, then one must say that, this project is badly handled by him & he is not doing any justice to the job assigned to him.

    There is total Chaos at school. No proper planning of curriculum. Tests are conducted haph-hazardly at a day's notice. Children spend more time in extra-curicular activities/ taking tests. Core area of education is badly neglected. Teachers are overburdened & harassed with unnecessary tasks, which should be avoided so that they focus on core business of teaching the students.

    Current Principal seems to lacks the attitude of managing a School e.g.

    - I heard that current Principal is surrounded by few Psychofants & indulges in Politicizing & punishing good teachers for the sake of the few Psycophants. I just heard that complete PGT English staff has resigned or is planning to resign this week because of high handed attitude of Principal.

    Unfortunate for ITL that, Attitude can not be changed as a person grows old.

    To sum up:
    - School is running merely because of good infrastructure (Building Air-conditioning etc.).
    - There is no proper system/ curriculum prevailing at ITL. Teaching seems to be last priority at ITL.
    - Good teachers don't stay for long. If good teachers stay, then they are simply harassed & overburdened with unproductive work, forced upon them by the management, instead of focusing there energies on core business of education.

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    i entirely agree with Rajeshg. it is aboslutely true that every year, this school has an entire new set of teachers. thanks to Rajeshg for writing the inside truth in such a precise manner. i would like to add that not only the teachers but also the students have started leaving the school now.

    A few more points to look into....

    1. Most teachers are paid salary in cash.
    2. They are paid less amount than what they are made to sign on.
    3. if a teacher gets pregnant, she is kicked out of the school. she is asked to resign and join back after one year (but no with guarantee). the School's principal seems to be unaware of Maternity Benefit Act.
    4. Almost all teachers do not have the appointment letter till date. They can be kicked out any day without any reason.
    5. Teachers are told at the time of recruitment that they will be on probation and later on they realize that they are on adhoc basis. So no benefits for them.

    The principal of this school, for sure does not understand "What education means?". What it means for students, what it means for their parents and above all, what it means for the country?

    I would request Mr. R. S. Lugani (if he reads this message) to please take some action and look into school records to verify the above.

    Otherwise the future of this school (more importantly the students) seems to be in dark.

    ITL Public School = Exploit Teachers + Dupe Parents + Spoil country's youth

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    What about hefty donations asked by some very high repute schools (the so called top schools in Dwarka) and no receipt is give for this bribe and all transactions are in cash only. This 800 is nothing as copmpared to 25,000 which several schools are openly charging from all parents. The scools do not issue the receipt for this charge, I am not sure where this money is actually going.

    Any clues from any one...... Is it going to fund the TERRORIST Activities....... or smuggling.... or where. Does any one know this.....

    Well wisher

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    You have only drawn attention towards charging of Rs.800 for annual
    function. Here I would like to draw attention of the forum towards
    other glaring finnacial irregularities going on in connivance with
    education department of the delhi government.

    The school is being run by a society in the name of " Vasudeva
    education Foundation Society sitated at 211 Pratap chamber Gurudwara
    Road Karol Bagh New Delhi. As per the education act the functions and
    accounts of the Society running the school and School are entirely
    different entities.

    However the said socety is collecting Rs 10000/- per child at the time
    of admission as development fund and another Rs 7500/- annual charges
    per child. This fund collected by the society is not reflected in the
    school accounts and therefore not utilised for students or upkeep of
    the school. The parents of the students studying ITL school may check
    their receipts. One can easily imagine the amount of fund swindled by
    the society running the school for its own benefit. As every one will
    agree that about 1000/ students are studying in that school,
    therefore on account of annual charges alone the society is
    collecting Rs 75,00,000/ (Rs seventy five likh) per annum. The reader
    may calculate the amount collected by the society at the time of
    admission @ Rs 10000/ per student.
    Members of the forum may recall that in the recent past a very
    popular school of Delhi " St Columbus " was dercognised by the
    Education department of the government on this practice of transfer/
    collection of funds by the society for its own gain and its
    recpgnition was restored at a later stage, when ostensibly the society
    retransferred the fund to school's accunt or .... appeased the
    government officials. How and why this school is being allowed such
    collection of funds by the society is not a matter of any guesses.

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    Hi Arisar,

    I am shocked to read your remarks.

    This is nothing but diluted form of Slavery happening right here in National Capital region of Worlds's largest democracy. It is totaly illegal, why don't teachers complain/ file a lawsuit against management of ITL.

    Teachers are perfectly justified to hire a lawyer & lodge a case in court.

    Yap, disadvantage is that in India even judiciary bends when it comes to money.

    God save Indian society !

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    Hi Guy's

    A boarding school is an educational institution where some or all pupils not only study, but also live, amongst their peers.

    The word 'boarding' in this sense means to provide food and lodging.

    Boarding schools are sometimes referred to as public schools in the indiana and as "private school" in American English. The amount of time one spends in boarding school varies considerably from one year to twelve or more, but five to nine years is

    most usual. Boarding school pupils may spend the majority of their adolescent life away from their parents, although pupils return home during the holidays and are able to do so at certain other times.

    Finding a boarding school can be difficult sometimes, not only if you are looking for a normal private boarding school, but especially when you are looking for a special type of boarding school. There are so many factors which you have to consider.

    The most important fact is that you will have to find a boarding school which will suit best to your child whether itís a religious boarding school, a boarding school for troubled teen, or any other type of boarding school.

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    Hi evryone.......
    it is very true tht itl has inexperienced teachers......but many of them r gud and the right ppl for the students.The fact tht sum of d teachers here do not know eng properly...one tht jagwant reprted of..is very true ans also not commendable...I m also a student of itl n I wud of course want the best outta it...i suggest there shud b lesser fees....the Annual Function of the skool IS very grandly organized---We cannot deny tht....also i think the skool has been improvd this yr,'07.
    The demands of the parents shud b paid more attention...like the way studies r going on...it is ok,but still needs to b enhanced.ITL maybe a posh scool.....onr of the best in dwarka.But i think it needs to improve its position in the eyes of other bloggers here..Regarding the fact of the Principal,all i can say is she is a gud human being,cares for da scool...It is all well with the way the skool is maintained,the CCTV cameras...ACs...Buses....AV room.facilities...cleanliness...very gud labs...etc etc etc... To bring to the attention of evry1 the 1st batch of XII has paased out so dere is no need for marking it as a -ve point.
    Many of us students are highly dissatisfied with ITl,but i kno tht we all like ITl despite of our complaints against it...ITL also has a gud relationship between d students and teachers...BUT IF ITL RUNS SO SMOOTHLY,THEN WHY DID THE RESULTS OF THE PREVIOUS BOARD EXAMZ DID NOT TURN OUT THT GUD?????????
    Our students shud hav scored above 87%and the highest shud hav been above 93%
    If any staff of ITL is reading this,plz note this and discuss the training of students for board exams!!!
    However,it is necessary tht the students shud hav brains of their own......but still.....the blame has to b put on the teachers only... .for not inculcating the required things in the pupils...This was abt the gud and the bad facts of school at present as i hav been observing here at ITL.

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    hi .....
    whtever ppl may say.......itl isjust new and has years to go further...those comaprng it wid other schools shud giv
    a thought tht those other schools r much much older as compared to itl. and of course,,,rome was not built in a day..itl certailny did not giv very good results in past......but only 2 batches od Xth have appeared till now.....there is a long journey to travel 4 itl...i knw tht this school is widely criticised here...but in my opinion it provides an excellent environment for students AS COMPARED TO OTHER SCHOOLS. If you take a look on the security of other schools itl ranks among the best....in some schools there is no security at alll. Here, it is assured tht children come and go out of school under SUPERVISION. Also.....activities of students are keenly observed here....the rate of teachers going out of school has gone considerably down ....and ppl here..for your kind concern.....the type of wrong information u hav written about psychofants present in this school is not true at all....by the way..these kinds of rumours spread like wildfire..and if you all criticisers of itl really come and spend a day wid our principal.....u will come to knw the reality....she is certainly the best principal around...i hav a sense of belonging 2 dis school and whtever u guys say....itl rocks!!!

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    Well....This year has been going horrible..There was a complete change in teachers as the best teachers who were there hav left...reason--donno... The new teachers r horrible..god save us...:(

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    Those of you who are blaming the teachers for the result, i want to ask you something..

    why cant this school afford to pay full salaries to the teachers when it is charging you such a high fees? Where is the fee going?
    how can you expect a good set of teachers and that good teachers will not leave the school??

    Being a "so called" posh school, it must have the best of the teachers and pay them a premium salary as compared to other schools. This is the first thing that you as students deserve.

    i agree that the ITL public school has improved a lot this year due to the fact that the management has intervened.
    and i must tell you that this year was the first time teachers were paid salaries in summer holidays.
    But here are a couple of facts that still remain:

    - most of the teachers are still underpaid (not paid as per the DOE regulations).
    - some of the teachers are paid full salary by cheque and then a cash amount is taken back (so that there is no proof of teachers being underpaid)

    i am happy to see that besides so many concerns you still have that respect/love for your school.
    but if you are really concerned, why dont you go to the principal and ask:

    - how many permanent teachers does the school have as of today?
    - how many teachers have been given an appointment letter till date?
    - how many teachers are paid full salaries and how many are underpaid?
    - how many teachers have been given a maternity leave till date as per the school records?

    i hope for a better future.

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    I want to know about the best school near Paschim vihar,New dehi for my 3 yr old son. he is going to playschool at this time and Next yr he would be going to the senior school.
    This is the time of searching and get him admitted in that school

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    Hello Anamika

    Here is the list of some of the best schools in Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

    Bhatnagar International School
    Dav Public School
    Doon Public School
    Jhabban Lal D.A.V.Public School
    Little Angels Sr. Sec.Public School
    Manav Sthali Public School
    St. Martin's Ser. Sec. Public School
    St. Mary's Sec. School
    St. Sofia School

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    Hi Janki,
    Thanks for your response.
    Is all the schools which you have mentioned falls in category A.
    what is the reputation of those schools.
    Its not necessary that the school is located in the PAschim vihar only.It can be near Paschim vihar like vikaspuri,janak puri.
    I want to get my son admitted in the best reputed school.
    Is there any other options?

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    Dear Anamika

    All the schools that I have mentioned are in located in the Paschim vihar only and these are all reputed schools. Central Schools and Sarvodaya Vidyalaya are another options.

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    I would start with a hello to everyone

    When I saw people discussing about ITL Public School at first I didn't wanted to post but could not resist.

    I read people appleaing to Lugani Sir...

    Even I wondered that he being associated with school and things going that bad ...
    You all shall knoow that he is called to the school only when water flows over-the-head in some cases and ofcourse functions.

    What to say about the teachers !#&^!$@%!É[╞ń Believe it or not 80% of the teacher left this school due to conflicts with the principal.
    To name some since I remember :
    Mrs. Neelam
    Mrs. Deepti Kashyap
    Mr. Vijay Sharma
    Mr. Milap Singh
    Mrs. Leena
    Mrs. Laxmi (I didn't saw any teacher working so hard for the students adhering to her moral principles)
    Mrs. Anila
    Mrs. Nidhi Choudhary

    and many more

    I can assure on these teachers teaching a group of students and them scoring good marks...

    The thing is that teachers need their space so as to get where the students are lacking.
    And this institute does not even know whom to asssign which duty for say a biology teacher has been on the job for supplying sheets in the classes for exams and nothing else for nearly two years.

    I cannot express myself when teachers tell their stories to us. Sorry i can't name the teachers but you wont digest a PGT Maths teacher teaching 11th and 12th all the sections and ordered to check the examination papers within 18 hours after the exam...

    I feel miserable at times.

    Any teacher who wants to have a stay in this school has to be:
    blind, to see the problems but to see the orders
    deaf, to listen to the complaints but to hear instructions
    quiet, to maintain order but to chant " YES MA'AM "

    Worshipping isnt something standing out in the field at 32 degrees or 2-3 degrees and shouting like anything, but counting on god from the heart and thanking him for a wonderful day. But here the motive is to impress the newly joined students and teachers.

    And for this I h'd like to mention that these shlokas dont have any meaning until chanted in proper order and right pronunciation and regarded disrespect to them if not done so.


    I also saw some people defending this school and talking about AC buses , AC in classes , CCTVs , etc.
    No offense to anyone but you seem to be knowing nothing about this school because honestly speaking classroom ACs are not working 65% of the total working hours and buses's AC is never ever in order or working just 5% times.
    And not forgetting CCTV thing maybe you should visit the senior classes and I can bet you find any camera working or if not seniors others' are working , I would like to hear it from you what actions did you saw being taken anywhere.

    There are many things that people still dont know. But I would post them next time.

    I know no one likes mirror because,


    PS: NO offense to anyone , absolutely my ideas but true ideas and one can't say that I manipulated anything.

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    Loks like pl r doin quite intresting one on one talks here anways Hi Ritu n u all ppl out here. I am Siddharth and just cleared my 11th from bhopal(M.P. board) in maths-science stream and i am looking for a good (not so expensive) school in delhi for my 12th with a boarding facility so if anyone can suggest me with something then pls provide me with details.
    thankyou in advance

    Siddharth Shakya

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    Hi Mr./Ms./Mrs **************

    Your user Id is very nice but can I know your name. Your are a mr/ms.

    This situation is not only in delhi but every state in India. More teachers take their students extra classes and got more money.

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    talk__2__ritudelhi, Today is 4.7.2008, in which school is your child now?

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