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Thread: ITL Public School Dwarka

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    how is itl school dwarka on today's date i.e.April 2009.

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    I agree on atrocities inflicted by the school on children. We are a group of aggrieved parents and would like to notify you of various recent incidents occuring in ITL Public school, sector 9, Dwarka of meting out Corporal Punishment to young middle and senior school students in Nov 09.

    Corporal Punishment includes 100-200 sit-ups for our daughters and running rounds of school ground on all fours or kneeling down while balancing large tone/bricks for our sons. While no reason is at all justified and it should necessarily be zero tolerance for corporal punishment, the common reason for giving this punishment by the school is for defaulting on school uniform such as not wearing winter socks, or not polihing shoes !! Children defaulting on uniform are identified in every cla and jut a JEWs being taken to Auschwitz are taken to the ground and punished. Imagine the mental status of such a child.

    On meeting the principal Dr. Anjali sethi for seeking reason for doling out such punishment, she feigned complete ignorance (in her own school!!) and asked parents to give a written application. As parents we are wondering with what level of confidence should we now send our wards to the school knowing fully well that there is a high probability that our wards could be for simplest of reason be subjected to physical and mental torture. We did not even get any assurance from the principal who on-the-spot should have carefully addressed our concerns instead of giving us a lackadiasical response which has left parents wondering about whether any heed will be paid to their complaints. On asking multiple times also, we have not been given the numbers of any of the PTA members.

    Post our complaints, children were called to principal's room and asked why they were reporting these incidents to their respective parents!! This is height of intimidation and what kind of an effect will this leave on young minds !! Principal however made an eception and apologised to teh daughter of Chairman of MVs school after he got to know about it. The principal after this incident should surely look out for a job and hopefully the chairman of MVs school will give her one.

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    Don't even think of putting your child in RD Rajpal School. I made this mistake which I am gonna correct very soon. Out of 7 teachers I have met till date only 1 could converse in proper english.

    They are highly unreasonable most of the times. Their weekly activities will take life of the mothers making projects for the kids every week.

    A complete NO NO for R D Rajpal Public School.

    > vartul arora wrote:

    > Hi All,

    ITL is definitly is not a choice anymore for me. I will really appreciate if some one can let me know about the following schools in Dwarka

    -- Paramount International School
    -- Delhi International School
    -- Venkateshwar International School
    -- NK Bagrodia Public School
    -- RD Rajpal Public School
    -- Mount Carmel School
    -- DPS
    -- Bal Bharathi public School

    These were few of the target schools, but would like know if there are people out their opinions about these schools or have different school they would like to recommend.

    Thanks in advance!

    vartul arora

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    This is not only the corrupted school.There are so many like this throughout in Delhi.I dont know how much money they are feeding to media and ministers,nobody takes notice.As a teacher if you protest,then you will be so overworked that u wont know what has hit you.Then at one point you are asked to leave.I even have written to times of india,Hindustan times and Indian express,aajtak,CNNIBM to make a report on this.No body cares.
    An underpaid,overworked ,financially insecure person can never make a teacher,leave aside being a good teacher.RD Rajpal,JM International,Siksha bharti public school....the names are endless for corrupt school.

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    hii all!! to mr.hindustan_jago:look out for your comments the first comment says that you are a staff member whereas seconds says you are a student..please confirm yourself first!!secondly all what about I TL public school i have read here is not including all topics ..have something more here! I joined itl two years back first year was fine as i was new to school and did not knew much about it.but i had a gr8 never forgettting experience:-
    1)here welcome to itl u 'll be at first given 15rs notebook for rs 35/
    2)the school charges for excursions till i joined. the picnics for nearby parks were free of cost but now half of the students in the school are not allowed to attend that free picnic...reason-not proper uniform(telling shoes not polished and other crap)or saying that they did not completed their home work on this day and such things!!
    2)coming to infrastructure and A.C or so called A.C.which is just for display!!!!the school buses have a c but please yourself go and check one out .the seets in the bus stinks because of water flowing out of the a c..the class door closers are daily repaired or just left like that(since they cheap low quality products).
    #the teachers here are uneducated and are similar to government school teachers beating with a tree stick.it is not that m just telling or boasting if 1 dont believe can go to school and speek to p.t teacher mr.rajput ..this guy got no shame he beats student just for not getting an application for leave!!in summers uniform defaulters are made to take rounds of the school ground under the dazzling sun.and each time when 3-4 students faints there parents are called to collect their wards from the school.I myself saw the transport incharge mr yadav talking in cheap abusive language to the drivers..
    this is not all the scool takes students to excursions (talking about musoorie)and at night the teachers are themslves drunk and further u can understand how they behave with students not sleeping or when a rooms light is not switched off!!
    #principal anjali sethi...what to tell!!!! students are forced to stand outside her office for the whole day silently...just for ............wearing a casual t shirt when the school is over outside the school..
    #this school or say hell has no respect for weak students..teachers in school openly say to put up a tutor..when a weak students asks some doubts the teacher firstly asks his marks in u.t then scols him and the poor child feels life as burden!!
    u can yourself go and check how many councillors have been changes in the school.just because they are highly trained and experienced the school cannot afford to hire them!!i myself feel ashamed in telling any1 nearby tht i used to study in i t l .this is the reason that some students when approaches the principal n in front of their parents the principal says just 1 line...you child argues with teacher misbehaves!!never giving a deep sight the reason for same!!therzz more to write about but just critisizing here wont do the d.o.e must look into the functioning of the school.principal must be kicked out.school is gud with infrastructure but fallen into wrong hands of irresponsible people.if the teachers were good and cooperating.this school had been one of the best in town!!!!

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    Hi Just wanted to update you about Nursery admissions in Pathways World School in case you are interested to get your kid in it!!

    Nursery Admissions are open for Pathways School in Noida, Gurgaon and Aravali!! Follow this link for the complete admission details:

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    Good Schools in Dwaraka

    Hello Everyone, We are relocating from Dubai to Dwaraka and I am searching for a school for my son who is in Grade 3. Can anyone suggest a few good schools which give equal importance to academics and extra curricular activities? Any feedback on OPG, Venkateshwar? Would appreciate any feedback

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    Thumbs up You are absolutely right

    Maxfort Dwarka is indeed a very bad school i have ever seen, really as you said the headmistress will "impress" you by her words but soon once you get an admission in this school ,she will spoil all your expectations and "dipress" you by her words,she will not listen to u at all.. this school is totally fraud. never ever even think of this school.
    Last edited by prityberagi; 03-14-2012 at 03:04 PM. Reason: forgot to put the area.

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    My child got admission in Delhi International school (j) for nursery class, i am bit confused about the school, anybody like to share their experience

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    You have taken the right decision, don't get confused on it. DIS is the best school in Delhi. They always give the best education to the children. My kids are studying in DIS and am happy with their distinctions.

    The school has secured in total 228 distinctions which is a highly creditable achievement. For the teaching faculty at DIS, the task of nurturing the young learners is next to their hearts. So please don't worry, your kid will be a great learner.

    Good Luck!

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    You have taken the right decision, don't get confused on it. DIS is the best school in Delhi. They always give the best education to the children. My kids are studying in DIS and am happy with their distinctions.

    The school has secured in total 228 distinctions which is a highly creditable achievement. For the teaching faculty at DIS, the task of nurturing the young learners is next to their hearts. So please don't worry, your kid will be a great learner.

    Good Luck![/QUOTE]

    Thanks a lot

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