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Thread: Few Jokes :-) :-)

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    Old woman : "Doctor I have severe pain in my right leg".
    Doctor : "That is due to old age".
    Old woman : "But both of my legs are of the same age".
    Doctor : ?!

    Watchman : "Police will catch if you Urinate here"
    Small Boy : "But What are they going to do with my Urine".

    A Doctor had an urgent phone call from a man saying his small son had swallowed his pen.
    Doctor : "All right! I"m coming soon, But what are you doing in the mean time?"
    Man : "I'm using a pencil".

    A little girl went to the school for the first time. Her Teacher told her that if
    she wanted to go to the Toilet she should raise her index finger. The girl looked
    puzzled and asked, "How that's going to stop it?"

    Uncle : "When were you born?"
    Child : "20th August, by the way when were you born uncle?"
    Uncle : "It was fourty years ago, on a Sunday"
    Child : "Don't try to befool me, Sunday is a holiday".

    Mother : "Eat bananas with milk, it will add colour to your face"
    Daughter : "But who wants yellow cheeks or a white face".

    Teacher : " Isn't it amazing how chicks come out of the eggs?"
    Student : " It's more amazing how they get in."

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    Ravi - you rocked again (y)

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    Thats great dear.

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