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Thread: Study in Germany

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    Hi..guys I am living in mumbai. I want to go abroad for higher studies. Do I need to be proficient in German if I want to study in Germany? :cool:

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    For all degree courses you should definitely begin attending German courses while still in your home country.

    Before being admitted to higher education for a full degree course you will be required to take a German language proficiency test "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang" (DSH).

    So i think its compulsory to be proficient in german if u want to go for further studies in germany,,

    You should start learning german from a local institution or university,

    thanks and regards

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    Hi all!

    Can anybody help me ???

    Im living in Georgia and want to go abroad for higher studies, namely in Germany. some years ago I studied in Goethe Institute and my german level is Mittelstufe 1. is this level enough for me to go to Germany for my higher studies, or do I need the level higher ???

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    Dear loza,

    Since you are a US citizen you may apply for the residence permit after entering Germany without a visa.

    Germany have three categories of student visa.

    It is necessary for you to hold a valid passport, to provide proof of financial means for your period of study, and to have either university admission (student visa) or at least a confirmation of your status as an applicant (student applicant visa).

    As per the mandatory documents required for student visa, Proof that you already possess German-language skills or that you plan to attend an intensive language course (at least 20 hours per week) in Germany.

    Since you have attended Goethe Institute and your german level is Mittelstufe 1, it is sufficient to get a student visa.

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    this is Renu.I am looking forward persue with my PhD in Gerany.The field of my interest are any from Telecommunication Engineering or Nano Technology. Anyone have any proper/relevant link to this.
    Please share the relevant info with me and thanking in advance.


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    Hi all!

    I'm living in Hanoi, Vietnam, I'm looking forward to study in Germany, I have a question: Is there any English teaching college or university? Sounds silly, doesn't it? But I only want to go to Germany! Can anyone please answer me? Thank you very much!

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    Hi all,
    i'm doing my electronics engineering in bangalore.. wanted to clarify if
    1. my masters in german univs would be completely funded?!
    2. will a 6 month course of german in india be sufficient?!


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    Hi Guys...!
    I'm living in Gujarat(India)
    I'm looking forward to study in German
    I am a Diploma in Instrumentation and control engineer.
    At the present i'm working one of the petrochemical inds. in gujarat last 2 year.
    Anyone have any proper/relevant link to my Course.
    Please share the relevant info with me and thanking in advance.

    I have a question: Is there any English teaching college or university? But I only want to go to Germany!
    Can anyone please answer me? Thank you very much!

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    i've got a diploma in my home country (with distinction), then got a DAAD scholarship and came to Germany for MSc degree (taught in English)... dropped after 2 semesters and internship done, coz of terrifically low education quality: no good course structure, no well-made lectures, program's been accredited just a year before, german instructors usually have problems at explaining and claim to have no time for that, exam system that tortures you for a half a semester, unpredictable exam results strongly resembling lottery, where every course has its own assessment system, at Universities (apart from so called Hochschule or Fachhochschule, that are Universities of Applied Science) one has no predefined schedule, what germans call a "flexibility", but in reality it turns out to be a damn nightmare, especially if you come for an English language program; you won't be able to plan you day at a University to have all lectures in a batch, then go home; it's rather like you come at 8, then 3 hours there, then 2 hour gap, then again 3 hours of lessons, then again... sometimes till the night. It is tough especially because you would definitely like to find a part-time job.

    Very soon you understand lectures do not help to study, they only take your time. It's kind of presentations, not lectures at all. The guys, who teach you, are usually very young and unexperienced assistants, you'll only sometimes see a professor. Exams are mostly arranged by assistants, including task definitions. Lecture notes that you get are very often made of a single huge book, by a gang copy-paste action.

    Apart from the "educational" system itself, you'll find out people are not willing foreigners around. Even so they claim opposite, they just act in the way. In the four years here i got lots of african, indian friends and neither of germans. There is a very bad social life in here, they do not interact much, are boring and have no Code of Honour. On Sundays you won't find anyone on the streets and traffic is reduced on Sundays.

    If you aim to stick to Germany later, then you've got bad luck. Since last 5 years Germany has industrial crisis, unemployment rate at the moment (March 2007) is around 11% and it gradually increases. As far as in the neighbouring UK it is 2.7% and keeps going down.

    One more point: money. By the moment either of you comes to Germany (surely not earlier, than in the end of 2007), semester fees will grow by 500 Euro (new law, probably to cut-off foreign student contingent). This is on top of the usual fees, which depend on a university, at my place it is ~200 Euro. So, altogether this is 700 Euro. Now add 60 Euro/month for health insurance (required to enrol oneself) and average room cost per month, this would be, say, 250 Euro (depends on the city, but this is a reasonable average price yet). And life expenses: food, clothes etc. - it'll amount ~ 250 Euro/month (that should be enough for a humble student life). Yeah, the price per month amounts now: 700/6 + 60 + 250 +250 = ~680 Euro. If you are very lucky to get a room at the dorm (normally people wait for at least a half a year in a so called "waiting list") and you are very humble in your life desires, then you may get down to 500 Euro per month. But you should be really cutting off all extras.

    You won't find a good job after graduation most probably, because of the crisis.
    You won't be happy if you find a job, since this poor social life is gonna kill you already at the beginning of the studies.
    You won't have many friends around for the whole duration.
    You won't ever feel satisfied with your life here (especially indians, they need huge amount of friends buzzing around).
    You won't have group-mates: all those people stay unknown till the end and every semester they completely change (remember "flexibility"?)

    Please, think a hundred times (i don't give a number for you to read slower and take it seriously) before fixing your focus on Germany.

    So, my opinion:
    1) it's not the right country for studies;
    2) it's not the right place to live in or have adventures;
    3) it's not the right place to earn money.

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    the info shared by u is very useful for ppl like me who aspire to go study and look for job prsopects there ...m planning to do my mba from numberg ...am engr please guide me wat shud i do...


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    I am from malaysia..
    I want study at Germany in PhD Pavement Material , How should I do.....may be you can recognise to me..

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    Hi, to all!

    I want to ask dt is it compulsory to give GRE for PG studies in Germany.
    want to do MS/MBA in Germany.
    wt r the finacial reqdments?
    m a chemical engg. graduate
    pls. share it....

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    I find Zeldar's view on studying, living and working in Germany a bit exaggerated. I am myself from Germany, have worked at the university there and been in close contact with a large number of foreign students, especially from Asia. Since 2005 I have been living in India, running a small institute that helps young people to go to Germany for higher studies. Those who have gone so far are generally quite happy with their new life in Germany. The criticisms highlighted by Zeldar like resentment towards foreigners, high unemployment and disorganized universities have some truth to it but then - I think - he forgot to mention a few important points:

    (1) There are very few developed countries in the world that offer foreign students higher education for such low cost. You can study in Germany for a fraction of the money that you have to pay in countries like the US, Britain and Australia - and still get world-class education.

    (2) There is unemployment, yes, but, at the same time, there are thousands of positions for engineers and IT experts that are vacant because of a shortage of qualified manpower. And foreigners are welcome to take these jobs: Germany now has one of the most liberal immigration laws of all Western countries. Every foreign student, who wishes to do so, can stay on and work after graduation. There are plans to liberalize immigration for qualified people even further.

    (3) I am not sure that Germans in general are really more prejudiced towards coloured people than are the inhabitants of other developed countries. Resentment of the rich towards the poor is a world-wide phenomenon, which I can also notice in India. Especially in former West Germany you will meet few foreigners who complain about racial or religious discrimination. Many even say that they have received an unexpected degree of support from local people.

    So, if Germany seems attractive to you as a place for higher studies, go ahead with your plans and don't let yourself be confused by extreme opinions. You can also mail me for more information at [email]dsz.cochin@yahoo.de[/email]

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    Dear Brother

    I live in aligarh,UP, i have done MBA now i want to go germany for any masters course so that i can make money while studying & after.

    could u please advise me how i have to move.

    my mob-9837-967-786

    could u please mail me ur contact no if u don't mind. waiting ur mail

    Shakeb akhtar

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    Hello Shakeb,

    To go to Germany after an MBA is not an easy thing, especially if you don't have substantial work experience. Another problem is earning money: It is very difficult to find part-time work, if you don't speak German. Apart from that, in order to get a student visa you have to show funds of at least Rs. 4,00,000/- for each year of studies. After finishing your studies you have the option to stay back and earn, but there is very little demand for MBAs in Germany. Most jobs are for engineers and IT professionals...

    Sorry for having to disappoint you...


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    Hi This is Supal Modi. I am studying in last year B.E. Automobile In Ahmedabad L.D.Engineering College i want to go for master in this area can any one please suggest me i think germany is best for automobile if i m not wrong i want to go for that please help me to give a list of university of germany and how to apply for germany ??
    Thnks in Advance

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    hello everyone

    There is a link: [url]http://www.indobase.com/study-abroad/countries/germany/index.html[/url]
    which contains useful information on study system in Germany.

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    This is for all of you people out there with excellent grades in their bachelors':
    If you achieved at least 80%, you have good chances of getting a scholarship for Europe that allows you to study there without paying a penny - and to do it English-medium!

    For details please contact me at [email]dsz.cochin@yahoo.de[/email]


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    Hi All,

    I am Smitha,right now working in SAP Labs,Bangalore as a Software Engineer and I am planning to go for german universities for my MS.I have taken my GRE and TOEFL. I have some concerns regarding getting a Master's degree in Germany.

    1. Please suggest if GRE scores are considered. And which other entrace test do we h ave to take other than TOEFL.
    2. How important is it to learn german language if i want to do MS there?
    3. Where can i get details of good german universities,courses offered,funding and on?Any site which i can click for these info?

    Please do the needful.
    Thanks in Advance,

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