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Thread: Can A Relationship Be Started Again?

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    I had broken up with my girlfriend one year back. Time could never make my feelings for her weak or fade away. Now I want one more chance give our relationship one more chance.
    How should I approach her and what should I be saying so that our relationship can start again?

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    hi shining..i'm sameera..as you said..it's seems like you never forgot her..and i think you have to tell only this thing...i mean you have to say her that you never forgot her as girlfriend..and then dipends on her..

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    Hi Sameera, thanks for replying. I Will follow your advice.
    And I hope that our relationship begins again. As you say, I will go and tell her what I feel , then let us see.

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    Literally People can change but it is up to you if this is enough to rectify the past mistakes you have made. Just approach her with sorry and tell her how she means to you and continue your conversation, I am very sure that she will come back to you and you please when she back to you never talk about the past just start fresh life.

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    I know how hard your situation......is.

    In a relationship communication is the important thing, other than that there is no other way to make your relationship fruitful. You have mentioned in the post saying that you need to get back to the relationship which you previously had. If you truly love her then go talk to her directly, and make her understand the situation. I hope she will definitely accept you, try this.........

    Hope you understood!!!

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