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Thread: Book Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murthy

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    Has anyone read Wise and Otherwise yet? It is written by Sudha Murthy who is the wife of Infosys Chairman Narayan Murthy.
    I would like it someone tells me what kind of book it is.
    I think she has one more book Whats its name?

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    Wise and Otherwise is a collection of around 50 short stories, basically related to the social work done by the author. They are small and and interesting

    The stories if read carefully give us an insight about India, some aspects which we ourselves are not aware of. Some of the stories give a very nice perspective of the rural life, the thoughts of the people etc. Along with being insightful many of these stories are also quiet interesting.

    I would say this book is a good read for those who do not find time at a stretch to read as it is a collection of short stories.

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    This book is very good & it has be written in such a sweet & simple english that we keep on reading & from this
    we get an inspiration that each & every person has to write a book of their own experience either it may good
    or bad.Because that gives u the real touch of the life it may life an odinary man because each
    person has his own experiences . I like this book very much & most intresting thing is the ending & moral it makes you think & put your own openions. These stories also inspire in day to day life. & you come to know that ever begining of big thing is very small.

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    Hey, where can i download this book for free?

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    I have heard that this is a very good book
    but i didint get chance to read it.
    let see when will i get it.

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    I just finished reading the book wise and otherwise by Sudha Murthy and it is simply awesome. You might have heard and seen the simplicity of Sudha Murthy and the same thing is seen even in her book and writing skills. Wise and otherwise consists of collection of short stories which narrate various lessons of life. The best part about this book is that no story is more than 5 to 6 pages and each are different from the other.

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    Red face Sudha Murty Infosys

    Mrs. Sudha Murty needs no introduction. She is Infosys Foundation chairperson. Or else, she is the wife of N.R. Narayana Murthy, Infosys co-founder. “Wise and Otherwise” is one excellent pierce of fictional magic. Murthy talks skilfully about the primary education lacking, of the disadvantaged people and societies health care needs. She talks more about experiences that she has encountered from her personal life. As this book is intelligent and talks straight from her mind, her beautiful words cannot suppress ordinary people’s day-to-day mayhems. This book talks about Indian culture facets and how life covers itselelf underneath a GREY blanket

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    This book which was written in the salute to life the ‘Wise and Otherwise’ by Sudha Murty the wife of Infosys Co-founder Narayan Murthy, consist of fifty one short stories. It is about life experience and how our nature is molded by the environment we live in. It is found that in her narration she has carefully collected substantial matters from her experience in philanthropic service for the Infosys Foundation. You can find her perception of varied colors of life from her collection of narrated stories. Quite simple with in-depth of life's drama which could be sighted from her work. Here in this book we can find the flow of varied emotions that runs down from the people living in different regions ofvaried cultural backgrounds.

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