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Thread: How to deal with Breakup with Girlfriend

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    Recently my Girlfriend left me.Breaking up is the beginning of new transition in my life. I can look at the experience in a negative way, but I am not, because I know that there is more to life.

    I just want advice and tips to show me what to do just after a breakup.

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    Dress well, groom yourself well, do a little exercise and socialize with friends. Listen to music. Give yourself some time to deal with the situation and try to analyze what was wrong from your side and try to work on the traits. Writing diary is the best way to vent your feelings whenever you are feeling low. I hope that helps.

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    Looking at this board and the amount of postings you have added..I feel you need to send us an update.

    Did you make contact with her, did the love letters actually help?

    Having a positive mental attitude is great way to start a new phase in your life, but you need to start focusing on You.

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    First Of all Thanks for responding like this.Actually you know Theres a very famous quote which says that Saying thanks is almost near a prayer.I dont remember it exatly but its something like that.And to me saying Thanks comes naturally.
    Theres another one about Prayer-Work is prayer and prayer is work
    And there's another to the effect that Your Gods on the sky and you are on the earth Below So let your words be few.
    I like quotations because they inspire you.

    And about this Girlfriend
    She left me because of my fault.My faults My flaws.She was there, she waited and she gave me a hundred chances.I'll give her that.
    Now she's gone she's given up on me I have nothing in My Hands.
    Only a deep deep deep desire to prove to her that she had Not Trusted A WRONG PERSON.I'm not a wrong person.I've to prove this to a lot of people.
    Its my Debt.(Thats a Dialogue from the film A river Runs through it-Great Robert Redford Film Watch it.Also Watch the Horse Whisperer directed by him)
    Let us see if I am able to pay it.

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    Nowadays i see lot of breakups; itís all because of misunderstanding, i think there could be no other reason for it.

    I am very happy for you........ Because, instead of getting back to her you said that you want concentrate on your life. That is more appreciable. Not all the relationship is successful; some may end up with marriage the other will breakup. So, no need to worry just go head with your life. Do not do anything which makes you remind her; go to some other place where you will feel relaxed. Involve yourself in the physical activities. Try this it will really help.

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    well I agree with Sharmila Karnad, even i read here in this forum about breakups these days. when your in love you guys need to trust each other and trust and trust is key the alone for a wonderful and everlasting relationship. Now the best thing to do is make yourself free from the past days and start a new life, go out with friends and set some goals for the future hold on to the goals and world will follow you, wish you all the very best for your future and play safe and learn to face the world.

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