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Thread: Increasing Weight

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    I am very lean..........
    every says me to eat well............
    but i can't ..............
    Wat should i do.........
    pls dont say eat well...........
    give me some suggestions, wat should i eat daily to increase my weight,


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    I am not sure what diet u r taking everyday:
    but u should start ur day with lots of paranthas with butter or ghee
    Twice a week u should go for mutton or Chicken (with gravy)
    eat as much butter and milk as u can and in sweets u can go for jalebi's as well,,

    and Pls dont keep this fact in mind that u r lean and try n be happy
    if u follow these steps for few months then i am pretty sure u will be satisfied with results

    thanks and regards

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    Consume food which contains more calories , try eating food which is nutrient – dense ,instead going for junk food.

    If you’re not able to eat more at one time, eat throughout the day.

    Your meals should be balanced with proper amount of proteins, fat and carbohydrates.

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