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Thread: Can a relationship last forever

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    A relationship is always a two way street. It's never either all your fault or the other persons. You go into the relationship together and work through it all together and you make it last otherwise it breaks.

    What are the skills needed to make a marriage last. I'm sure I dont have them. Can somebody please advice me on this critical topic.

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    the first skill to make marriage last is to sacrifice, if u sacrifice it also work a magic ,,,now how? its that the partener when will see only u r sacrificing 4m yr side 4 him?her, then he?she will also respond to u,

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    Ya youre right.
    I think its about sacrificing all the time. If you do that there's a good chance that your marriage might work.

    I dont know if anyone will read this
    Its also about sticking with your decesions and see whether they are proved right or wrong.

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    Sacrifice but don't be blind. The bond/foundation has to be made strong. Follow your heart but use your mind.
    Yes I think relationships can last forever. 10 years and counting.

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    sacrifice to what extent.. when u want ur mariage to last long..you really make sure you give ur best shot..but at some point of time u feel uve lost of the magic.. the real thing.. ive been married to a girl whom i loved for 3 and half years.. its been just 5 months since ive been maried..i feel i have lost her.. shes not interested in me..i dunt know how to describe it.. and now she wants a divorce...it is difficult to save ur relationship when you know the ship is sinking..

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    In ur case arunragavan, i truly believes that u should talk to her. Send her into the past golden memories, make her remember the promises that you did which make i am sure will take ur realationship a miles ahead iff she truly loves you and if a single drop of affection and admiration is left between you. Do tell me what happened

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    i did try everything.. try to take her out.. talk everyday.. explain that i wud miss her a lot and shes the only person whom i loved soo much..
    the problem was i had to leave to germany as soon as i got married.. i guess that is what brought a little gap between us.. everyday includin today she is askin for divorce.. i feel terrible..

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    I wish to contribute certain tips to make your marriage life happy & rocking!

    • Keep Communication Open.
    • Don’t Get Enemy Feel.
    • Respect Each Other's Views At All Times.
    • Avoid Misunderstanding.
    • Spend A More Moments Together.
    • Cook For Each Other.
    • Be Polite.
    • Complement Each Other.

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