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Thread: How to deal With Ex Boyfriend

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    Remember How much of an impact they may have on our current lives depends on a number of unknowns. Here are some tips on the best way of dealing with your Ex-

    1. Remember this person is an ex for a reason.

    2. Resist the temptation to be a guy about the situation.

    3. Accept the fact that some circumstances are bigger than you.

    4. Sometimes an ex turns out to be a good person after all.

    5. If you do need to confront an abusive ex-partner, do it through legal channels.

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    I dont think you need to worry bout the Exes so much trams that you have made such a long list on how to deal with them. Exes for me uptil now have been the best people.
    I am sure that even if at some point if someone had decided to marry and either one of them messes up, still there would not have been no hard feelings.Or Even after marriage.
    Thankfully I haven't known anyone so messed up.

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    Well, I thought that if this kind of things not happen anybody not meet with new people so it is also the part of change and give good or bad experience to understand the life.

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    am in need of your advices on my ex boyfriend fore some personal reason we had to break up and after a 2 years he had requested me to join his birthday party. i still do talk to him sometimes the reason is i am not able to forget him he was such a loving guy, he used to take care of me so well, he is the only person who loved me so much. no one can replace him. As i said after 2 years now he had request me to join him for his birthday party, I don't know what to do now, i am not able to decide. please help me what should i do? should i go to his party or ?

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    Hey milind...........

    Yes! You should definitely make up to his birthday party. The reason is he still loves you, that is why he had invited you to his birthday party, so do not miss this wonderful chance. In this party go and talk to him and tell him that i am not able to forget you, make him understand. This will definitely be a milestone for you to continue the relationship again, what say...............try this..............you will absolutely find a solution for this problem.

    Hope you understood!!

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