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Thread: Can Stress affect Love Life

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    I am a person who feels frustrated with myself at times for no real reason. This makes me feel terrible about myself.I remain under a lot of stress maybe due to my work and now it is affecting my relationship with my boyfriend. We recently talked about it. This seems to be a regular thing for me to do with people I live with. I want to stop. I want to be happy and have the people around me to be happy too.

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    Stress can of course affect every area of your life. But, one of the best things is that you have addressed it and begun talking with your boyfriend.
    I am a Scorpio and we are very moody people, I find that if I dont take time to myself to be away from close friends and family I get really irritable.

    Take some time to yourself. Do something that makes you feel happy and relaxed - fave movie, food, shopping etc
    Try to identify what and when is making you so stressed/moody etc and deal with it.

    Remember - if you dread doing something, going somewhere or seeing someone - its a sign that you shouldnt be doing it.

    Sometimes people around you, need to be told that you are not comfortable with a certain behavior or use of words etc people dont always realise they are causing you stress.

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    stress will affect not only you body and mind but also your relationships. find the reason which causes you stress. develop a hobby for yourself. after consulting your doctor take multivitamins and amino acid suppliment which will keep you calm, content, energetic.

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    Since patience and gracefulness is mandatory for healthy relationship, in this case obviously Stress will distress your love life….

    To overcome this sickness, you need to do some simple workouts like:-
    • Do meditation every morning to calm down your self
    • Work on laughter exercise
    • Practice yoga
    • Read comics

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