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Thread: Basic Details of UK Study Visa

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    Basic Details of UK Study Visa

    UK Study Visa
    I have come to discuss about the UK Study Visa. First of all the students wish to study in UK will have to apply for visa under this category. UK education system is recognized as the most vibrant source all over the world which builds solid foundation for studentís futures and is subject to help them boosting their career. UK is a home of world class universities and colleges having a strong international reputation for providing excellent quality education. Students are asked to apply for study visa under Tier 4 (General) category. Tier 4 (General) category allows overseas students to come to UK for study purposes at various educational levels. There is a wide range and depth in the courses offered at colleges and universities level. you may choose Study Abroad Consultant Pakistan or specifically UK Education Consultant Pakistan to help in getting UK Student Visa if you think.
    There are two main categories of UK Study Visa.
    Adult Students
    Child Students

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    Adult Visa - UK Study Visa

    Here is some basic information about the UK study visa. Tier 4 category allows an adult student to come UK for education purposes under points based system. Both short and long term courses duration are available but minimum course length should be 6 month. The applicant is required to show the acceptance by an approved UK educational institution. Evidence of the sufficient maintenance (funds) for self accommodation is also required. This visa is usually granted for the period of the course like if you are studying at degree level or more you can stay for the full duration of your course but if the course is longer than four years, you will have to apply for visa extension. To be able to travel to the United Kingdom as a general student after the end of March 2009, adult students must pass a points-based assessment and score 40 points. Visa letter from education provider = 30 points Maintenance fees to cover course fees and living expenses = 10 points The student is not allowed to go for a full time employment rather he/she is permitted to have a part time job or a permitted vacation work. The adult students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week and can work full time during vacations. After completing the education the student can apply for work visa to start his professional career.
    However, if you are still not satisfied, or want to have a better perspective on this topic, you might want to have a look at this guide I have prepared some time ago. Hereís the link.UK Study Visa or consult any UK Education Consultant Pakistan.

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    Child Student - UK

    Child Students - UK Study Visa
    Child Students Visa UK is a track for the child students to UK Study Visa.
    Tier 4 child visa is for those children having an age of 4 to 17 years and who want to study in UK in a full time course. The applicant must provide the proof of the student enrolment in the educational institution. The proof of availability of funds should be provided for accommodation and to pay the course fee. If the application is maintained by a host the relevant details should also be provided. The student must be enrolled in approved UK institutions in recognized courses to study. The applicant cannot attend an institution holding Tier 4 sponsor license or which is accreditation from an accreditation body approved by the UK Border Agency. The letter from the parents or guardian granting permission for the travel and accommodation should also be provided. The student is granted visa in accordance to the course length.These all instructions are based on new rules and regulations passed by the high authorities of UK Immigration. However these policies are changeable whenever it is required.

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