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Thread: Bed Wetting Problem in Children

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    he is 4 yr old. He has the habit of bed-wetting every night. is this normal or is it a symptom of a disease? in day time he remains in hurry to urinate. what cud be done to avoid him from bed-wetting?

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    hi there,
    Bed wetting at the age of 4 is considered to be normal. sum kids bed-wet at the age of 5 also.
    when he/she frequently wets at night it is called primary nocturnal enuresis. to treat it, stop giving liquids just 2 hrs before going bed, make sure he is not constipated. I would suggest you a book by Allison Mack called Dry All Night. It employs visual imagry to help kids become dry. In any case, don't worry. It will stop gradually.

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    Hi Yogendra,
    Bedwetting at that age is pretty normal...

    Make sure your child's bladder is emptied before he goes to sleep..

    Avoid diapers unless required as it gives them a dry feeling and encourages bed wetting after a certain age

    Appreciate him when his bed is dry

    Wake him up once or twice in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

    Initally they 'll cry and refuse but after a week they'll co-operate as they feel good in the morning about not wetting..

    Don''t tease him for it..

    Avoid excess sweets or chocolate.

    Encourage him to use the bathroom at regular intervals as many kids forget about it until they can no longer control it..

    If the problem persisits after 6 years then talk to a doctor.

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