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Thread: Strangers in the Night by Ruskin Bond

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    hi 2 all,
    friends, I happened to read Ruskin Bond's first book "Strangers in the Night". it's very pleasant. when i read other books of his I realized that Mr. Bond has made a remarkable departure from his style in Strangers in the Night. the author is trying to established himself as a writer as well. In "A Handful of Nuts" there is an interesting explanation of how a person at the door can be identified with the way he/she knocks the door. it's a must-read for those who are seriously in love with the Ruskin Bond humor.

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    “Strangers in the Night” was the third Ruskin Bond book that I happened to read. After I read him more and got familiar with his style, I realized that Mr. Bond has shown quite a marked disappearance from his style in Strangers in the Night , which is of course very pleasant. The first novella, A Handful of Nuts, is an autobiographical account of the author’s adventures and fantasies as a young man. Apart from grappling with the usual apprehension that are characteristic of youth (love interest, friends), the author is also trying to get established as a writer (which, to the reader’s surprise, was quite a challenge even for Mr. Bond). The story is a series of events that happen suddenly and unexpectedly, interspersed with humor, which is unmistakably Mr. Bond’s.

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    Hi frens!!
    I started reading an omnibus of Ruskin Bond..
    Found it really amazing!!
    Is there any site from where I can download his poems and books?

    Thanks and Regards

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    how to free download short stories of ruskin bond .

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    Strangers in the Night by Ruskin Bond is a classical story told with fresh essence. The central character of the novel- who is young and adventures always wanted to become a writer but in the process he is disturbed by the various factors of life such as friends, romance and other distractions. Although the story line seems quite common the way it has been told adds life to it. If you love Ruskin bond writing then definitely this should not be missed.

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    Ruskin Bond

    Just see the mastery that Ruskin Bond, MF Hussain, Arundhati Roy, Shashi Taroor etc have. How can anyone ever comment that fictional traits or art mastery is completely dead in India? Yes, it is from Kasauli that Ruskin Bond is, but that has not hindered his story writing ability. He blossomed more in Dehradun, Shimla. Thus, that trait is more seen in his stories and novels.
    • Strangers in the Night are 2 Novellas by Ruskin Bond
    Even though he flew in London, Channel Island, and many other places he never lost that real touch with India. Bond speaks much about his relationship with Himalayas. And about the ethos, landscapes where beauty is hidden. Many term this Ruskin Bond as literary genius, but he still cares for his love towards children

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    Ruskin Bond remains to be the most favorite writer of all time due to his simplicity and humorous touch in writing. This beautiful depiction of “Strangers in the Night” comes from his life experience rather than throwing light into an imaginative concept of his. Here we can find Mr. Bond depicting about his youth experience which was filled with adventure apart from his fantasies. You can find series of his emotion like love and fantasy pouring out in a thrilling manner with a touch of his usual sense of humor.

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