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Thread: How to handle extra marital relationship?

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    This is to the person who has named himself "confuzzed".

    advices are free and it can be given to anybody from everybody, But when taking a decision it is left to an Individual. firstly try to think what your doing is right ask yourself again and again what your doing. then when your sure that what your doing is right then proceed with you decision. It is you life and you have the control over your life, i am sure you are not somebodies toy to be controlled.

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    It is quite shocking to me................. Because, I have seen only men having extra marital life. You have told that you already have kids, so better stay in with your husband and kids; donít ever look for other relationship. That is good for you as well as your family. Think twice... because this is your life.Be wise in making decisions. Hope you got it....

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