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Thread: How to Overcome Inferiority Complex

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    dear all,
    my young son has developed inferiority complex to such a level that whenever he starts doing something new and sees somebody else performing better, he immediately loses his interest! Some times he acts like everybody is against him. he just gives up everything. plz tell how to solve it?

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    Encourage ur child to go for new projects by highlighting his past successes. Encourage him to believe in himself. Highlight the achievements of past leaders who were once really dull. Provide all books that highlight such instances. Advice him to try everything that he fears. Because overcoming this obstacles will boost his confidence. Encourage him to beleive in himself. This is utmost important.

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    try to know about his hobbies and interests, and make him have a competition with you or whole family, let him win knowingly for few times in this way he will gain his lost confidence.

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    Make him believe that he is unique in his own way. Try to find his interest and let him work on that and develop that. Always appreciate his work and encourage him to do better.

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    hello people..
    i think that this issue should be converted to an oppertunity by trying the child to understand that if someone is doing better then him than all he needs to do is better perform than the other person. he should be motivated to outperform the other kid. this will automatically help him get over his issues and simultaneously make him more competetive. but this requires patience and understanding. but i feel that if this situation can be changed into an oppertunity than its the best way forward. alos it needs to be told that all kids are not good in everything and that the other person has actually workeed hard on the skill and he needs to do the same.

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    facilitate him to do work or perform. intially allow him to do things without company of fellow child to avoid competition, thereafter he will gain confidence. advice of suzzane1111 is most appropriate.
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    HI all..., i feel that many youngsters r facing this problem..... many times people around them push them so much thinking thy r encouraging thm... but it works the other way, thy even lose whtever confidence is thr...i think tht in such cases love,encouragement n acceptance plays a vital role,n thn wait n see the magic as thy cum out of their shell.

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    Try talking to your son and find out what bothers him. This could be effective. However, it may take time, and you need to have patience. Also make sure that you are gentle to him, never lose your cool, even in extreme situations.

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    Always encourage him.. i think tht in such cases love,encouragement n acceptance plays a vital role,n thn wait n see the magic as thy cum out of their shell.

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