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Thread: Importance of Hindi language

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    Hindi language is in the verge of extinction. The growing popularity of English language has led to peril to our national language. But still heroic efforts are made within the country to make Hindi as a popular language. The recent development like raftaar.com, bhasaindia.com are attracting the attraction to make Hindi as a viable language in the field of Internet. Recently while surfing the net I found [url]www.raftaar.com[/url] which supposed to be the first integrated Hindi search engine in India and provides a keyboard in the monitor itself. It also provides main current news, live world cricket score and many more. While America forcing its people to learn Hindi and Chinese we in India are more inclined towards foreign language. The time has come to realize the very importance of our national language.

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    Hindi language is one among the most ancient languages of the universe. Many words from other languages are derived from the Hindi language. Hindi is also said the mother of languages. Now, In country like U.S.A. and U.K. several books related to ancient medical sciences and literature are translated in their languages.

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    Hi, Amrit,
    Thanks for your concern about Hindi language, though it is one of the ancient language in the universe its very existence is not secure in our country as people are more tilting towards foreign language. Its collective responsibility of all Indian citizen to move forward and make a concrete effort not only to popularize Hindi in India rather in a global level also.

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    Few Indians may be aware that Hindi, as one of the worlds's major languages, is a significant component to Lojban - a constructed language (or 'conlang'). Lojban grammar is based on mathematical logic. Its vocabulary, whose makers have designed to be culturally neutral, is based on the six world's major languages - including Hindi.

    However, the Lojban community, while international, clearly lacks the involvement Indians. I hope that with this message, I can create awareness and interest in Lojban in India.

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    > totus wrote:

    > Few Indians may be aware that Hindi, as one of the worlds's major languages, is a significant component to Lojban - a constructed language (or 'conlang'). Lojban grammar is based on mathematical logic. Its vocabulary, whose makers have designed to be culturally neutral, is based on the six world's major languages - including Hindi.

    However, the Lojban community, while international, clearly lacks the involvement Indians. I hope that with this message, I can create awareness and interest in Lojban in India.

    this is very interesting

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    HINDI !! .... when this word comes in my mind i suddenly feel proud! but at the same time even i feel bad... u know frns why??..only bcz of us!!!!!! ..ok, i want to ask one question to all of u, ARE WE GIVING PROPER RESPECT TO OUR 'MOTHER TOUNGUE'?????...well i know the answer is 'NO'..... but i want to know why, what is the reason?? why we give more respect to english in comarison of HINDI ??.... some people says, ' if we removed or if we don't use english in our life then we cann't get success in our life'... i just want to say utta rubbish!!!.. JAPAN,CHINA,ISRAEL,TAIWAN flourished without the use of english language,then there is no point why we Bhartiya people cann't do the same.. As we all know we have just celebreted our 60th INDEPENDENCE DAY, but plz realize that the independence of BHARAT is not complete till BHARAT retains english language for its daily use. It is BHARAT which is making english language as world language as 50-100 million Bhartiya people use english language on a daily basis. I want to say the day Bharat stopes using english language and throws out of Bharat,english will lose its status of world language.

    Vikrant Singh

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    Those days I was a teacher at Shantiniketan. One day I went to invite Rabindernah Tagore for the annual Hindi Sammelan, when he started a discussion with me. During the course of our conversation he asked "Besides teaching what else are you doing over here?"

    "I wrote stories in Hindi which are published in the leading Hindi magazines. During my stay here, I have written a lot and also earned a good name for myself."

    "But your mother tongue is not Hindi. You are a Punjabi. Why don't you write in the Punjabi language?"

    I felt Tagore was a narrow-minded, provincial man; at that time I did not realised an artist must first be nationally known in the true sense of the word, before he is internationally acclaimed.

    "But Hindi is the national language. It is language of the entire nation Why should I write in any provincial language, when I can write for the entire country?" I said.

    "I write in Bengali, which is a provincial language; yet, not only the people of Hindustan but people all over the world read what I write."

    "I am not a great writer like you, I am just an insignificant writer."

    "It is not the question of greatness or smallness; a writer has a relationship with his own birthplace, his people and his language. It is only from them that he can perceive the warmth and feeling of being one of them."

    "Probbly you do not have much knowledge about the conditions prevailing in my state. In Punjab, we either write in Hindi or Urdu. No one writes in Punjabi. Punjabi is a very backward language. If you want a honest opinion, it cannot be called a language It is a sub-language, a dialect of the Hindi language."

    "I do not agree with you. The Punjabi litereture or the Bengali literature is very old. Can you look down upon that language and call it outdated or backward, the language in which great poets like Guru Nanak have written?"

    after reading this extract i felt that we can learn and use any language in india but learn hindi too :)=) its better if we understand all languages its okay if we speak english for other peoples understanding but just know hindi..see even we are sharing our ideas through english if you are so concerned about hindi then why dont we speak in hindi??

    am i right??..do you agree guyz?

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    To learn it we have got a very easy way. Just have a look at this site and you will reply in hindi

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    Press Release - New Audio Book to Help ETHNIC GROUP [e.g Hindi] parent Salvage Their Children from being lost culturally. Check
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    Baçaim (Vasai)
    Hindi is not an ancient language. Hindi was invented by the English in the 1880s as the language for Hindu Indians by Sanskritizing Urdu. Hindi was invented in the U.P.-Bihar region (Gangetic Basin). As such, Hindi is an artificial language. Prior to its invention, the word Hindi was used as an alternate name for Urdu. The word "Hindi" is not native to India, but is an Arab language word meaning "Indian." As against Hindi, Urdu its other version Hindustani, are natural languages. When Hindi needed a script of its own, the Kayasthas who dominated the clerical classes in the U.P.-Bihar region wanted their own peculiar script, Kaithi, to be adopted. The Brahmins however insisted against that, because it would give the Kayasthas a leg-up socially and economically, and as a consensus, the Marathi Devanagari script was chosen. Hindi has been patterned on the Khari Bholi language of central U.P.; Khari Bholi was a natural development.

    The claim that Punjabi, Braj, Magadhi, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Mewari, etc., are "sub-national" or "dialects" of Hindi is idiotic and stupid, and betrays the philistine attitude that has swept India and which continues to rule India. These are languages that have thousands of years of history behind them, unlike the upstart Hindi.

    India is not a nation, but an agglomeration of distinct nations. India is actually a part of the larger East Indies, which includes not only Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but also Burma and Ceylon, which were partitioned from India in 1937, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippine Islands and East Timor.

    In each of the three main agglomerations, British India, Malaysia and Indonesia, artificial languages have been created. In the latter two cases, they are called Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia. These are the "national languages" of Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Indonesia is a Greek word which means "Indian Island," Indos + Nesos. Ironically, there are no native Greeks in Indonesia! Indonesia and Malaysia was mostly Hindu and Buddhist until most of the nations there converted largely voluntarily to Mahomettanism.

    The humbugism behind the imposition of Hindi has resulted in the backlash of Tamil particularism, and now with Marathi particularism as exhibited by Raj Thackeray and his goons! The joke is, Marathi is as much alien to Bombay as Hindi is. Bombay is part of the historic Konkan, home of the Konkani people who speak the Konkani language. Konkani is a language that exists at least from the time of Parashurama, while Maharashtra came into being as a result of objections to Ashoka Maurya's conversion to Buddhism! That makes for a time gap of over a thousand years!

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    And another joke is that both Bal Thackeray and his nephew Raj Thackeray are themselves "Uttar Bharatiyas." Bal Thackeray's great grandfather migrated from Jammu to Karwar, his grandfather migrated from Karwar to Bombay. The Thackerays are Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhus, the same caste as Amithabh Bachhan. The Thackerays are a bunch of humbugs who are making fools of the Marathi for their own opportunistic reasons, extorting millions of rupees from the city.

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    Forgetting the language of your state and even country is really a sad think. Today most of the youngsters think that talking in English is a pride and prestige and because of this they have even stopped talking Hindi but if this continues most of the Indian languages will be in extinct. So, please feel proud while talking your own language and don’t let it go in the history.

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    Hindi language Importance

    Importance of Hindi language comes when you see the wider picture. When a Goan and a Punjabi or Kannada guy meets, these people doesn't have any language that binds them together. That the main reason why English became so predominant in India. However, even if English is dominant, nearly 30 crore Indian people finds it much more easier to talk in their own Hindi language than in Anglican English. When one South Indian becomes a Union Minster, he finds it easy to talk with his North Indian friend using English language. Hindi has now TV market share much higher than any other language.
    • You see how many Hindi news channels are there now, compared to English TV channels
    • English TV channels, newspaper, etc are low to Hindi
    • National song to currency notes writing begins using Hindi language
    • Bollywood cinema sector, which primarily uses Hindi, spreads Indian vitality round the globe
    • From Indian President to Indian PM to opposition leader, all comes from Hindi speaking area

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    Hindi is a beautiful language which is considered as the National language. I can also say that this Hindi is the most common language that is spoken by the people. Arabic is considered as the closest language to Hindi. A national language is address as the body of our nation. A nation consists of 5 main bodies which go like this language, land, culture, citizens, and religion. Language is considered as the mental body of a nation. Language is portrayed as a nation’s mental body.

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    It is true that Hindi language is getting challenged as English is charting the top slot. Moreover English language could be acquired easily as it is utilized in all important sectors like business and politics all over the world. But then with the success of Bollywood industry internationall,y people from all parts of the world are turning their head on to Hindi language. Even the spiritual Gurus have brought a greater desire for Hindi Language as people internationally inclined to learn in-depth of Indian religion that is regarded to be as the oldest and highly valuable one. The popular mythological sagas of India in animated and live series have driven many to learn Hindi language.

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    Hindi learners!
    Have a look on learning hindi with Hindi Interactive Audio Course at http://www.sunosunao.com/ - for beginners.

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    Hindi is a beautiful language..
    I can also say that this Hindi is the most common language that is spoken by the Indian people.

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