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Thread: Advantages of Abroad Education

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    Advantages of Abroad Education

    Hi People,

    I want everybody to answer this, y people from India go to abroad for higher education and y NRI’s come to India for higher education???? What are the advantages of abroad education?

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    Hi! Good question friend! See there is no special advantage in abroad studies. It is just all about one’s preference. But there are many people who desire to study abroad just for the sake of social status. You know what I feel that it doesn’t matter from where u study, what matters is your knowledge of your work. Now everyone has own choices like from which university or college, he/she would like to pursue course and they also has the right to do the same. That’s it!

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    By living abroad, students are exposed to – and often adopt – more ecological behaviors. Those students who go abroad study learn a language by living it, not by reading it in a textbook. Of course, you don't have to speak another language to study abroad.

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    Study Programs to Ukraine and Georgia


    We wont to give you offer about study programs
    We are working with India already 1year, before this time we had study programs only in Georgia but now we open line to study in Ukraine and living program in Europe.

    1. Study program in Georgia.
    Georgia is a developing European country which is located on the coast of Black Sea. It is number 1 corruption fighting country in the world. That
    is why lots of students from all over the world are interested to study in Georgia for very affordable price.
    If you are interested into inviting students to Georgia, let us know so we
    can start new partnership. we provide 100% visa guarantee to our students at very low price as available. $900 USD. (1 year course)

    2. Study program in Ukraine.
    Ukraine is one if nearest country to Europe. It is very beautiful country. Poland is in border of one of the sites of Ukraine. thees city is " L'vov "
    Students who will study in Ukraine can continue study to Poland or different European country's.
    we provide 100% visa guarantee to our students. price fore Ukraine is $2500 USD. (1 year course)

    3. Living program in Europe.
    Estonia is one of European country. We can provide living program in Estonia 100% legal. within 6 month, people who accept thees program will by
    resident of Estonia. price fore Estonia is $6000 USD. Also we can sent people to Canada or any European country from Ukraine.

    We currently have students from India, Nepal, Brazil and S. Africa. we would like
    to invite student from Bangladesh for the following year.
    If this offer interests you Please contact as on mail or by the phone.

    hope to future partnership
    Best wishes

    Manager of International Relations:
    Tkhabuka Didebashvili (+995) 555-394449 E-mail: t.didebashvili@gmail.com
    Tbilisi, Georgia

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    I wanna say thanks to you for asking such imp question. For every one their country is home country and except all are foreign country. I think every country has some great institutions and students want to learn in those institutions. Thanks for sharing this information with me.

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    Advantages of Abroad Education

    Hi! Good question friend! See there is many special advantage in abroad studies.
    Check out more at :

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    These are the essential benefits in doing Abroad education:-
    • Studying abroad will provide first-rate weight-age for your curriculum vitae.
    • Studying abroad will offer self confidence.
    • Study abroad eases employment issue.
    • Study abroad improves personality development.
    • Study abroad promotes social and cultural benefits
    • Study abroad increases language skills
    • Study abroad tends to gain new perspective on the world

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    Thanks for such question

    From my point of view there is not an unique advantage of going abroad for study.
    Every country have such unique advantage for providing there services and it may be in any field.
    And its depend on the person how they capture this.

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    Above All,

    Very good thread to read, it is some useful information which gives more energy for those who go and study abroad !!

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    Hi! Good question ...
    We wont to give you offer about study programs details information
    Every country have such unique advantage for providing there services about the education of it self.

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    In big multinational companies there are high demand for international education. and we also get the different knowledge as per the different country, so it's very helpful.

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