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Thread: Best Train from Chennai to Goa

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    What is the best possible train route from chennai to goa? is the train available on all seven days of week?

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    Train From Chennai to Goa

    Train 7311 (Fridays only) Chennai Central 14:00, Bangalore (Yesvantpur) 21:00 (21:30), Madgaon 11:43, Vasco 12:45.

    Distance 1046 km.

    2A = Rs 1493
    3A = Rs 953
    SL = Rs 349

    There are too many routes to mention where a 2-train combination would get you to Goa.

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    The train from Chennai to Goa are given below and it is available only on Fridays.

    Chennai Vasco Express
    Chennai Rajdhani Express
    Chennai Garib Rath Express
    Tamil Nadu Express
    Grand Trunk (G T ) Express
    Chennai Dehradun Express
    Chennai Dehradun Express Slip

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