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Thread: Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore

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    Feb 2010
    Hey Mate....
    Couldya' this particular Gentleman Max Rosario undertake a job in New Delhi, one moron had indeed swindled my hard earned money long time back, now I dont care about money but I want to teach that Jerk head a hard lesson, will this Max really help me to fix this problem, I am desperate and excited.....thanks & cheers....!

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    well its been some time now that i have started to live my life at my terms...first of all i thank almighty god for having helped me find good lawyers.
    was shocked to read the bad experience shahnaz patel had with her advocates .sadly due to her bad experience she has mentioned that .... quote " lawyers have a tendency to put their feet on 2 boats for their selfish gains' ...unquote.
    my only sugesstion to all those out there who are either living in a bad marriage or trying to get out of it ,dont go with a preconceived notion that lawyers are selfish and manipulative.i have been helped by my lawyers to such an extent that i would be ever greatful to them.at the outset find a good advocate or a law firm .pl remember everything good comes with a price .
    was pained to read a sweeping statement about lawyers hence i thought it is my duty to express my displeasure on it as we cannot generalise any one .all of us are good and bad .
    i hope my earlier post along with the contact details of my lawyers has helped many people and i also hope that they would not have any reason to complain as they do a perfect job .
    btw according to me taking a proper legal recourse is the right thing to do .
    wishing all you out there a happy and peaceful existance ...god bless
    contact details of my lawyers 98453 73011 and 9845150153

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    after my bad experience i have had with my earlier marriage ,i have been really following up and keeping myself updated on legal aspects as i m intrigued to know thatz it ........
    though i was saved from the clutches of a manipulative and revengeful wife and her fam ily by my lawyers ,i sit back n think how many of us are lucky enough like me .i know men who are dumped by their wives for greener pastures n still are harassed by false cases against them.during my trial ,i guess ,if not for my lawyers who were so helpful and tactful,i would have been in deep trouble .many women have started using laws just to file false cases as they are aware that laws are bound to protect them to a very large extent .
    read recently that a bill is being tabled in the monsoon session of the parliament to amend the hindu marriage act .
    how i wish it happens quickly!
    the entire fabric of our society is destroyed by some of our laws ,which no doubt were passed with very good intension ,but are being misused thats the irony .
    many of my friends are really thankful to me for circulating the numbers of my lawyers have been circulating it every time with a genuine intention to help as many people as possible . my lawyers might not even be aware of the fact, their numbers are being circulated on the net .hope it is of some real help to all those who are in need of correct n proper legal advise and adjudication . thats the reason i have circulted their numbers.
    in case you want to get in touch with them pl call
    98453-73011 or 98451-50153...

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    Kripali and Harassed Husband,

    I am a bit sceptical of you guy/s ( you both seemed like conjoined twins or maybe you two are one) - why do you keep repeating the same story about your wonderful lawyer over and over again in the same thread?? Unless you are the lawyer yourself or paid by them why do you keep flogging their number so much? If somebody is reading this thread they would have read your comments already - no need to keep repeating. It will not make any difference to your business except that people will realise that you are desperate for business since you might not be doing as successfully as you want others to believe.

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    The best and honest divorce lawyers are:

    Anant Mandgi & Associates
    10/7/I Kumara Krupa Road,
    High Grounds,

    Siji Malayil & Associates
    Indiranagar, 6,1st Floor,
    Bhaskaran Rd, Murphy Road,
    Bangalore Bengaluru,
    Karnataka 560009

    Smt.Rajamani, Advocate & Notary
    28, Ramu Plaza, Mount Joy Road,
    Near Ganesh Bhavan Bus Stop

    Advocate Kalyan Krishna
    552 1st Floor, F Block, Near Park view Bakery,
    Opp sahakar nagar club,
    Sahakar Nagar

    The Divorce Point
    914,9th A Main,3rd C Cross,1st Block,HRBR Layout

    Legal Vaidya IPR Services
    No 3, AkashGanga 3rd Main Brindavan Extn,
    Arekere, Mico Layout
    Bannerghatta Road

    Chandrakant & co
    45/1, 1st floor, 2nd main,
    seshadripuram, bangalore

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    Unhappy Help!

    Thanks I went through all of the posts..I've been harassed by my husband and in-laws a lot..I suffered a lot..Then one fine day my hubby dumped me and left me at parents and went away.. I approached a lady lawyer thinking she would be of help since she would understand the pain I've undergone, but this lady is also not behaving professionally..she has taken her full fees..Now seems like she is hand in hand with my hubby and his lawyers.. I can't afford another lawyer for more fees and seems like she will not refund the fees if I want to change lawyer what do I do? she never responds to my mail/call/messages am tired.. what do I do with regards to my lawyer is there a way to get back my money from her legally? I want to change my lawyer how do I go about the whole process? I'm deeply pained can someone suggest ways?

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    Dont Worry...
    Consult some other good & scrupulous lawyer to fight over your problem. Tell all problems and the incidents happen with previous lawyer also ask for a suggestion wdr u can register a complaint against her. Am sharing list of trustworthy lawyers of Bangalore with their contact details, kindly get in touch with them!!

    Mento Associates, Advocates & Legal Consultants
    No.378, 2nd Floor, 9th Main
    5th Block, Jayanagar
    Bangalore – 560041
    Mob:- 9845426225

    Banashankari Associates
    No.118, Banashankari 1st A Main Road
    Kasturinagar, Bangalore – 560043
    Mob:- 09241856762

    Hemanth & Associates
    No. 151, 8th Main Road, 2nd Cross
    4th Block, Nandhini Layout
    Bangalore – 560096
    Mob:- 9844085056

    Law & Options
    No. 70/3, Miller’s Road
    Bangalore -560052
    Tel:- - 080-22340003

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    Hi Shalini,

    Thanks for the response, but then I want to know what I can do about my lawyer, Also I would like to know if the ones suggested by you would charge consultation and so on..

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    They obviously charge the consultation fee of certain amount and what I say is don't call the previous lawyer anymore, she is money taker not your well wisher....

    Once u tell your problem with courtesy they might reduce the fee, so don’t worry go consult either of the advocates I suggested..

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    Divorce Lawyer

    There is many lawyer in Bangalore. keep searching.. You will get Them soon.

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    I would like to tell that please consult a lawyer who is known to you very well because they can cheat very easily. You should be bothered of your money and reveal your problems rather your money.

    Be careful..........

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    i need help to get divorce


    I need to get divorce easily as soon as possible i have been separated with my husband from past 6 years
    he never turned back to me again , he is having some other relation and living happily , but i have a kid who is now 7 years and i m working in pvt sector , and leading my life with my mom and brother , i m the running my family now
    i wanna to divorce from him he is no bothered about my life , my mom has struggled a lot to make this marriage happen i just dont need anything from him just need divorce from him , so that i can start my new life further

    any help to contact good lawyer for easy divorce ???

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    Hello Dear,

    I pity for you. You’re a great example for women’s who are living alone in the society. How could your husband cheat you and probably stay with other family which is a crime. You must take divorce from such a cruel man who just damn cares for you.

    I would advise you that, it is the right moment to step back and observe the situation, in a quiet corner and leave everything to the best lawyer who can take up your case. Your husband must come for discussion and explain the lawyer about the divorce. Your son has bright future, just concentrate on his career and go ahead with your life. The best lawyer in Bangalore is mentioned below.

    No. 434, Sri Devi,
    16th Cross, 5th Main,
    6th Sector, HSR Layout,
    Bangalore 560034.
    Tel/Fax: +91 80 25725959
    Mobile No.+91 98456 65379

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    Thumbs up


    My friend is in a bad marriage. i am looking for an honest divorce lawyer from Bangalore. plz help us.[/QUOTE]

    hi ! i can recommend one... My lawyer is recommended by friend
    I have spoken once on the phone to make appointment.
    And twice: once to discuss about my divorce and another to sign the doc. Very easy and the most pleasant experience
    Your phone appointment. 877-655-3346 (Mon-Fri:9:00 am to 8:00 pm -all times Central)

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