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Thread: Procedure for importing car in India

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    What is the procedure for importing a car in India?

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    There are detailed guidelines for importing a car in India. In brief, if the vehicle that has to be imported is new then it must conform to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the rules made thereunder, as applicable, on the date of import. The import of new vehicles is permitted only through the Customs port at Nhava Sheva (Mumbai), Calcutta and Chennai.

    If the vehicle is second hand, it too should conform to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the rules made thereunder, as applicable, on the date of import. Import of second hand vehicles is allowed only through the customs port at Mumbai. The second hand or used vehicles imported into India should have a minimum roadworthiness for a period of 5 years from the date of importation into India with assurance for providing service facilities within the country during the five year period.

    Hope I have made myself clear. :)

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    hi there...can u please let me know what is the procedure of importing a second hand bike? and what are the taxes and charges applicable for the same...awaiting for your quick reply...thanks...tushar

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    Dear tushar_hubli,

    In 2001 India lifted the QR (Quantitative Restrictions) on import of second hand vehicle as part of WTO compliance. In fact the market was opened in 2001 itself.
    The second hand vehicle should not be older than 3 years from the date of manufacture and should have a minimum road worthiness residual life of 5 years.
    Import can be only through Mumbai port.
    The vehicle should confirm to Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988 like right hand steering, speedameter indicating in KM, photometry of lamps to suit keep left etc.
    Can be imported only from the country of manufacture.
    Importers should give guarantee of supply of spares.
    The vehicle should be subjected to testing in Vehicle Research and Development Establishment Ahmednagar or at Pune or at Budni (MP).

    The present custom duty is 100% +surcharge +CVD etc makes the total duty at 180% of FOB value.

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    What is the customs duty to import self used cars when an NRI transfers his/her residence to India?

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    Dear aneeshnr,

    The import duty is charged on the basis of list price prevailing. However, trade discount and depreciation on the value are deducted from the price list but freight from the country of manufacture and insurance charges are added.The landing charges are further added to arrive at the final assessable value.

    Depreciation allowed is as under:

    Every quarter 1st year of use 4 Percent
    Every quarter IInd year of use 3 Percent
    Every quarter IIIrd year of use 2 1/2 Percent
    Every quarter IVth year and thereafter 2 Percent

    Customs Duty:

    Basic Custom Duty 40 Percent
    Special Custom duty 5 Percent
    Additional duty 40 Percent
    M.V. Cess 0.125 Percent
    Special Additional duty of Customs 4 Percent

    By and large the ex-factory price on the date of original purchase is taken into account while assessing the duty on a motor vehicle.

    I hope it is clear to you. If further you find any doubt or question, you are free to consult.

    You are most welcome.

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    Thank you very much for the answer.
    We have to pay about 90% of the value of used car as tax!!!
    Why this bloody govt charging so much money for self used cars?

    I don't undertsand the depreciation calculatiom method you told.
    Suppose I have a 4 yrs old used car which originally cost 800,000 Rs at the foreign country. Then what will be its value when I try to import here as the part of transferring my residence permanently?
    Left hand drives are possible to import here in the same way?
    Is there any restrictions in the engine power/capacity?


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    Dear aneeshnr,

    Yes, there is restriction in the engine power/capacity.

    Autos of the capacity of more than 1600cc should have been owned and used by the shipper overseas for atleast one year. Cars which are less than 1600cc can be bought (new or second-hand) prior to arrival.

    Customs duty payable on cars is approximately 111% of the value assessed.

    Since your car is 4 year old. The Depreciation will be 8 %.

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    It is really shit.
    111% of the value of a bloody used car!
    It would be better if they stop the used car imports.
    Indian beaurocratic assholes don't have any sense.

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    Hi i want to know if i can buy some good second hand imported bikes in or around mumbai, bikes like the Yamaha R1, or Honda CBR etc, can i also know the price range which i can get these.

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    Is there any way to get around the "must be right hand steering" and the tax? I want to import a few autmobiles to india for selling purposes ( basically I want to start a new business)

    Thank you to whomever responds

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    I would like to make an enquiry about how much tax/import duty+etc. charges would be levied for a 15 year old car second or third hand car which was brought for 220 pounds

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    Hi rak354 ,

    Did you get any information. I want to import a 12 year old car (original invoice price Rs 10Lacs). But just don't have a clue as what are the procedures and taxes,charges involved :-) .


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    Could some one tell me a rough estimate of importing a secondhand including duty, tax and bribe.2003 model 4*4 suv.personal use car.

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    I am software professional from Pune working in Newyork. I plan to come back to india and settle in pune. I want to get my Harley Davidson VRod bike along with me. I bought the 2004-made bike second hand in US. I paid 12,000 USD for the bike. What would be the duty that I need to pay at Nhavasheva port- Mumbai to get my bike in to india?

    If you have a details & procedure then pls provie me the required information. Do you think it is advisible to import the bike?
    I appreciate your reply and thanks for your time indeed

    - Sandy

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    I am an NRI returning to India on transfer of residence. I am exploring the possibilities of taking my car (details mentioned below) and shall be grateful if someone could give an approximate calculation of its value and duty thereon. It will be shipped from Baltimore in the USA to Mumbai alongwith my other household goods. If I sell it here it fetches me just $2500 because it has some bodily damages.

    Toyota Camry LE 1999

    has run 1,15,000 miles (1,84.000 Kilo metres)

    Kindly respond soon as I need to take a decision very soon.

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    Hello lawsed

    Do u want to sell your car ? ? ?

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    Yes I do, Deepu. I have invited open bids from amongst members of my friends' circle. A copy of my message to them is reproduced below. The car is mechanically very sound. If you are also interested the email ID to reach me is [email]deswal@gmail.com[/email]:

    "If you are looking for a car similar to the one mentioned below pleas e quote your price in a sealed cover as also a refundable (adjustable with final payment in the case of highest bidder) security deposit of $100. Highest bidder (subject to the threshold price) will get the car

    Odometer: 114000 Miles
    Fuel efficiency: 22 MPG
    Mechanically very sound
    Regularly serviced
    Excellent cooling system
    Power steering, power window, power seats
    Burgundy colour
    2nd owner
    New tyres, new brakes and new battery
    Availablity: end August or earlier
    Needs some body work which the prospective buyer may get done as per his choice
    The car can be inspected with prior appointment
    Take your time but quote your price latest by 31st July 2007"

    Thanks for your interest and a request to others for an idea about the leviable custom duty.

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    Hello lawsed

    Can u tell me about the price of your car?

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