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Thread: Procedure for importing car in India

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    I would suggest you to contact the concerned offices which are located in Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai etc.. They would guide you better..

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    importing used car

    hii, i have just joined my mba course in uk. I am planning to buy a car, wanted to know if i buy a brand new car here after 1year if i want to import the car (mini cooper) what would be the customs duty, how will it be calculated.

    thank you

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    If you want to buy a used car in UK where you are studying then you can sure do that but it will cost you a huge amount on import duty.

    Import duty on used car like mini cooper is exercised in UK it is heard. The mini cooper from where you are buying should meet required standards of DVLA’s registration process.

    It must have European type approval standards, UK construction and road vehicle lighting legislation. The vehicle must pass the IVA, SVA or MSVA. So better buy a new one…that is best suggested.

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    i have information about the
    Do u want to sell your car ?

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    Hey Disilva,

    Can you please explain me the procedure of getting a New car, I really dont have any idea on this please guide me..

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