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Thread: Simple Hairstyles for Indian Girls

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    Simple Hairstyles for Indian Girls

    Hey All,

    Can someone get me the links related to Simple Hairstyles for Indian Girls? Am a beautician, I have invented many Indian and western hair styles. I want to learn some more, so if you guys come across links related to hair styles please share it with me. It’s a kind request.

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    Ohh Really Proud Of U Priya!!!!
    My ambition is to become a Beautician, am doing Diploma cosmetic advanced certificate course in VLCC. I have shared some collections of best and simple hairstyles take a look at it and build your career to great extent 


    All the best!!!!!!!!

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    It is always necessary for a beautician to update their knowledge about the new styles in the fashion market so, I appreciate you for this. With just a simple accessories like hair pins and bands you can add style for hair. If you want more information on this then check out this link


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    hey..Even i am beautisan...good going dear..according to me open hair style is best for indian girls

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    Simple hairstyles for Indian girls are what you asked. This is a very good question. Ponytail hairstyles are one of the most stylish these days. Even college goers to fashion models wear this hairstyle. This is simple hairstyle. You can know how to cut hair and what all tips you have to care here:
    • http://anindiansmakeupmusings.blogspot.in/2009/01/10-hairstyles-for-medium-long-hair.html

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    Haircuts will enhance your style and looks. You must choose a hairstyle which suits your face shape. If you choose the perfect hairstyle which can suit your face even a simple hairstyle looks great. I would like to name some cool hairstyle for Indian girls, check it out.
    • A side ponytail with bangs.
    • You can also create a front hair poof
    • French braid on sideways will also look good.
    • Make a chic ponytail.
    • One sided bangs will suit a round shaped face
    • Side swept bangs goes nice with a heart shaped face

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    Indian beauty and styles are unmatched with rest part of the world. What you need to do is to get a closer look on Indian culture and you will discover many things related to beauty styles. For here people of every states differs in their methodologies of following style in attire and hairdo. Though there may be slight similarity but there are differences. You can take idea on hairdos like:

    1) Braid Hairstyle
    2) Ponytail
    3) Scrunchies Bun
    4) Topnot Bun
    5) Flower Bun
    6) Braided Bun
    7) Ponytail bun

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