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Thread: Best life insurance policy in India

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    Best life insurance policy in India

    Hi All,
    I'm willing to take life insurance policy. Some one suggest me the best life insurance policies in India. I was looking for it from many days and asked many of them. They are not willing to tell.

    Please guide me!!!!

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    There are many life insurance policies. I guess LIC is the old and the top most among all of them. I make this statement because in my family most of them have LIC policies.

    I suggest you also to take LIC policy since we have experienced with it. I have a link which tells you about many insurance policies. You can have a look..


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    Life Insurance Company (LIC), Chandigarh, India

    LICí Jeevan Saral plan brings you higher cover, smooth returns, liquidity fund and considerable flexibility. In this Jeevan Saral Plan death cover up will be equivalent irrespective of age at entry and term. The sum payable at maturity still differs for different entry ages and terms. http://www.lifeinsurancechandigarh.com/other-useful-plans-special-plans-special-plan-jeevan-saral.html

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    Birla sun life vision plan will be perfect for you

    according to me term insurance is some kind of fixed investment where you can go for 5 to 35 years.You can go for BIRLA SUN LIFE VISION PLAN which gives you 9% or more interest + Bonus + up to 20Lk coverage.So invest 2ooo p.m. and get more than 66 Lk at the maturity.stop paying premium after maturity still your coverage will be there with you till life time.I will Suggest you that not to go for ULIP plan which includes mutual funds and mutual funds is very risky because it is subject to market risk so you may lose everything.Go for SIP where you will get fixed return.If you want to know more then please contact-9172177038

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    Post Go for term insurance plan

    Assuming you are willing to pay Rs. 28000 per year as a premium, in my opinion if your are going for a life insurance, then go for term insurance plan. For a 40 yr old, for a sum assured of Rs. 2500000 and for a term of 20 yrs the annual premium stands at Rs. 12,025 only (For LIC Amulya Jeevan, Table no. 190, as per their website) . The only drawback is that you don't get a single penny if the risk doesn't happens during the insured period. But it is the most profitable option to the life insured. The balance amount (Rs. 16000 per yr) if you invest in PPF you will earn interest @ 8% compounded annually. If you continuously go on investing the balance amount in PPF a/c then after 20 yrs you will get total Rs 763,928.

    The final amount obtained from the PPF a/c follows EEE tax policy plus any court decree cannot freeze your PPF a/c (to the best of my knowledge, you may inquire this further) plus loan option available after 3rd yr onwards (this option is also available with some insurance policies) plus partial withdrawal option available from 5th or 6th yr onwards (i am not sure about the exact year). In case of insurance policy the withdrawal option is totally dependent on the insurance company ( in the form of bonuses ). Plus your PPF a/c is purely Govt. a/c whereas your insurance policy is not maintained by the Govt.(even the LIC is a Govt. undertaking not a fully Govt. remember the case of VSNL) so making it less riskier than an insurance policy.

    The insurance agents will generally push for insurance plan for which he/she gets higher commission. Better for you try to push him for this policy. Ask him to show him documentary proof showing his commission rates for different policies, after all its your money from which he is paid. For the above plan he gets only 2% of the premium per yr that you pay. There are many plans for which he may even get upto 35% per yr. A rule of thumb, more you pay for a sum assured, higher the commission the agent gets.

    In my personal view LIC is the best insurer because of their claim settlement ratio, branches, Govt. backing and years of service. May be you have to pay more as compared to others but it is the service that should matter that they offer to your family in your absence.


    use the following link to do the calculations



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    Best life insurance policy in India

    India first life insurance plan is also is very good.....i like India first life insurance policies and plan and i thing you also like it.

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    Term Insurance

    Apart from term insurance you may also consider a few more points. This checklist will help you taking the right coverage and right policy.
    You may check the below link for more and taking the right mediclaim policy.

    www.holisticinvestment .in

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    Re: Best life insurance policy in India

    I would recommend you to consult some reputed insurance brokers like GEPL Capital providing professional insurance advisory services. Their IRDA certified experts will guide in selecting the best insurance policy suited as per your profile in an unbiased and transparent way. Moreover, they will even assist you in claims and settlements.

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    I would like to refer few best life insurance policy which offers excellent plans @reasonable EMI:-

    Life Insurance Corporation Of India
    Max Life Insurance
    Bharathi Axa Life Insurance &
    State Bank Of India Life Insurance

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