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Thread: How to become a singer in India

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    How to become a singer in India


    I'm 16 and have a deep, longing passion to become a singer. Its been my dream since i could talk from childhood. How do i get recognized? is it too early? I don't think so, but still confused ....

    Pls someone suggest me...

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    Hey Little One!

    I suggest you that the best think to do, make up your own songs and try to do everything independently. The record companies will cheat you and change all your songs. And they don't get your earnings as well.The problem is that you are very young, whatever you can do is practice practice practice and succeed, things can change. Please do take up some music classes and be thorough..

    You can own home recording studio of your own. I think it doesn't cost a lot, you can try for it..... ALL THE VERY BEST DEAR!

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    What kind of singer do you want to become? Classical, filmy playback singer or do you perhaps do something like rock? The other person gave a nice idea of starting up your own label and maintaining strict creative control. Many great artists like The Beatles, X Japan etc. began this way. However, this takes time, capital, patience and initiative. Also, are you very firm about controlling your artistry? (writing your own songs, making your own image etc.) Training is an absolute must for a professional singer (don't start counting 5 and ten years- it doesn't take that much time.) because you don't want to sing like a nightingale one night and croak like a frog due to vocal fatigue another night. Consistency is what sets pros apart from amateurs. You could train in western contemporary, speech level or indian classical vocals depending on what kind of singer you want to become. You will be surprised to know that many filmy singers have been trained by western coaches in their style. Training requires serious practice and commitment and of course, a little time but with your drive for success and passion and love for music, it shouldn't be difficult.
    However, if you're already trained and serious about securing a deal, you could start entering competitons like Indian Idol Saregama etc. This won't allow you much control over your artistry but you can showcase you voice. Do you want to create a revolution (something we find in indie rock band these days) or just want to focus on the singing part?

    As for your age???? It depends. It is NOT too early. Many singers began earlier. This again depends on how baked your artistry is. Are you ready to take the plunge right now or you think you could be better with some more time, training and experience? This wholly depends on you. Also, there is one more thing, it is easy to get exploited in arts industry in India. Be careful while treading (India idol etc. are much safer routes when considering this).

    I hope that long lecture helped. If you have any other questions I am in a position to answer, drop me an e mail or comment.

    All the best for the future. I am sure you will succeed because you're so passionate about music!!

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    Hello Antony,

    There are many options today. Many of the television channels are conducting programmes to select the best and the new voices. For this, train yourself and get your registrations done in any of the TV shows.
    The more you practice will lead you to win the title of that show. You can get great exposure also!!!

    Waiting for the new singer in the film industry!!!

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    You have to know, It is very hard to live from music or maybe impossible

    1)The record companies do not care about unknown artists. They promote only ppl from their own circle. Puppets mainly. Apart from that they don't invest in new artists if they are not already famous and they have collapsed because of the music piracy.
    2)The talent shows work good only if you have very very strong connections and it is not a good society. It is a rotten community with horrible people
    3)The record companies get all your earnings

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    Yup!! I agree with graja and Nainaa ‘s words,

    These days most of the television people conduct various kinds of talent programs around the globe. Likewise music competition is ranking the top most places in talent programs list. We see recruitment / selection taking place half yearly once, so I would request you to see the daily advertisement papers and television advertisement that comes in between talent programs for latest news.

    If you don’t want to go this way, then there is a way by “recommendation” Through higher authority’s reference you can go and give your proposals or audition tests to great singers and music directors.

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    The record companies will cheat you and change all your songs. And they don't get your earnings as well.

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    To become a singer we need to work on stuffs like:-

    Learn singing with reputed teacher for strong foundation. Practice regularly this could sustain your talent for long period of time. Set a role models, admire them and study there history to improve your learning and style.

    To survive as a singer you should reach out people, how?? Attend all parties, give your performance there and seek all kind of comments to improvise your talent. Be confident to standout.

    Register your name @ TV competitions, this could give extreme fame!!

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    Thumbs up music world

    I think you should join some good teacher who knows the music background ,so through her you will know some people under that background i think that's another way to enter in this stream than i think you can accomplish ,what you want

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    please get into a good music school and get with reputed teacher for strong foundation is perfect step to get started, as you learn you can step into a singing competition and slowly you can reach your dream.

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    I could see few precise advices for becoming a singer in India; I wish to highlight those points again here….

    • Watch television Advertisements
    • Join reputed Music Institute & Be in touch with all higher official
    • Register your profile for all music competitions conducted state and national level.

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