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Thread: Best insurance policy in India

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    Question Best insurance policy in India

    I want to take an insurance policy in India, I was asking few of my friends about this and many suggested to go with ULIPs (unit linked Insurance Policy) from Bajaj Allianz - Capital Unit Gain insurance policy. I want to know the feature in the Bajaj Allianz - Capital Unit Gain insurance policy so can someone help me by giving me the feature information from Bajaj Allianz.

    Earliest reply will be better!

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    Yes Even I hear that Bajaj Allianz has the best ULIP product!! That is Capital Unit Gain insurance policy. Have many advantages like less mortality charges, income tax exemption for premiums and also for returns, Partial with drawls after 3 years, Best returns on the investment, and etc I donít remember much about this coz I read about this in a magazine before 2 or 3 year, So better conform to other.

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    Re: Best insurance policy in India

    Hey vignesh567, not sure about other insurance providers; but, if asked personally Max Bupa is the best health insurance provider in India. I have opted for Heartbeat Family Floater, a family health insurance plan that offers maternity allowance, nutrition & growth consulting and many more benefits. It also gives cashless facility at quality hospitals. I will recommend you to check this policy once before opting for any other. I have shared the link for your reference:

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    Best insurance advice

    Dear Vignesh

    If you are looking for an IDEAL place to answer all your insurance needs, www.idealinsurance.in is the best place to be. If you have any query, kindly write to us and we will be more than happy to help you.


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    insurance policy is a must for every individual and their property. we aren't sure, what is going to happen in next moment and should any thing happen, at that point not sure if we will be able to make all the necessary arrangement financially. recently I bought a policy for my condo, for which the insurance policy was pending.

    I simply like soleyoninsurance.com for their swift response.

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks very much and I mean it to everyone who has replied me, regarding my question about the best Insurance policies in India. I donít know what to say to you guys but I would really like to thank everyone and all of them for the core of my heart.

    Love you guys for helping with all your replies and given you few mins time for your busy days.

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    You cannot define any policy as the best policy, the best can be only decided on your requirement only and it is advisable to choose according to your requirements.

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