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Thread: Green Tea Brands India

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    Green Tea Brands India

    Hey people is there anyone who can suggest me the best green Tea brand in India, my mom said its very good for health. So if you guys know the best brand please share it with me by replying.

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    Hey Surya what your mom said is 100% right Dudeit prevents cancer; drinking green tea regularly may help to prevent tooth decay and reduces the level of cholesterol in blood. I have shared few green tea brands list have a look at it.

    1. Celestial Seasonings Green Tea
    2. Peet's Sencha Japanese Green Tea
    3. Lipton Natural Green Tea
    4. Uncle Lee's Green Tea

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    I agree with you drinking tea will reduce cholesterol in your blood and refreshes you. Even I give some of the brands in green tea.
    - Exotic Darjeeling tea
    - Nilgiri rare handmade silver tips tea
    - Certified 100% organic Darjeeling green tea
    Hope you will like it.

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    I agree with drink tea. my mom say Green tea good for the heath. I suggest if you maintain your body so take the green tea every day.I also take green tea everyday and my heath is very good.

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    Yes, green tea is indeed very good for health. I have it everyday. I buy it from Infinitea. They have the best green tea. You can order it online at www.infinitea.in/
    Go through their website for more details. You can also get discount if you are a member on their Facebook fan page!

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    It Works! You can loose weight by drinking green tea. Green tea has turned out to be one of the most popular health drinks in modern times. I personally have experienced it.

    Poabs Organic Green Tea
    Stick Tea
    Green Tea Brands
    Tiantai mountain green tea
    Wagh Bakri Tea
    Lipton Natural Green Tea
    Exotic Darjeeling tea

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    Tata's Tetley green tea

    Hi friends,

    I heard about green tea from my fiends and I want to start drinking it. In our city we have Tata's Tetley Green tea. Is it good as the other green teas?

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    Thumbs up seplyth and

    Good post.Thanks guys. i was searching for some good green tea brands

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    Hii Go for tetley or Lipton both are from branded company !!

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