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Thread: 5 Star Hotels In Lonavala

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    5 Star Hotels In Lonavala

    I am looking for the 5 star hotel in Lonaval . wanted to help one my relative, who are coming from states for vacation.They are looking for the accommodation in hotel for about 10days could some one help me in giving the list of 5 start hotel in lonaval and help me with the knowing how to reach the place and the places to see in lonaval...

    Thank you

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    hey i would help you with three 5 star hotels in Lonavala
    Hotel fariyas
    Hotel Lagoona
    Upper Deck Resort
    dis link would help you in knowing the how to reach the place and the weather and climate and as well as the place to see in lonavala..

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    I agree with naiduj here. Upper Deck Resort, Hotel Lagoona, and Hotel Fariyas are three of the high end hotels you can find in Lenovala.
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    5 Star Hotels In Lonavala

    Five star hotels offer archety palluxury to their guests. They provide guests with first-class services and accommodations and offer frills beyond the actual basic needs. It is comfort, beauty, and extravagance at one place. The five-stardom is all about representing a lavish and splendid life for the guests of the hotel in exclusive ways.

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