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Thread: Employer Certificate For Address Proof

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    Employer Certificate For Address Proof

    Hello friend

    This is Sanjay here, last month i had applied for a mobile connection for which i was asked to submit the address proof... since i did not have any other document for address proof, i had to settle with a certificate from the employer. Now this has been rejected saying the format of the letter does not suffice the requirement. Is there any1 out here who know the valid format for employer certificate in regards to address proof.

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    Hi Sanjay,
    Here is a format of the Employment Certificate, do check out this link:

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    First of all for mobile connection there is no necessary to provide address proof but you will be asked to give the ID proof such as voter Id or PAN card. So better check with the dealer that you are talking about. If they it is necessary then also it is not possible to give employer certificate for address proof and a valid residential address proof is necessary. Anyways check it out properly once.

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    There isn't anything which you have fear. Address proof is very vital these days. It is also a proof against you being termed as a terrorist etc. What you can do is to just search websites itself. You will get lot many samples from the net itself. One such link is given below:
    • http://jobsearch.about.com/od/employmentlaw/a/employcert.htm

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    Anywhere you go you will be demanded for a valid address proof for mobile connection due to increase inflow of terror activists. If the employer’s address proof is based on any valid document like driving license or voter identity card of yours then it will suffice their term and conditions. But then if you are staying in a different place then the matter could be more complicated and your employer address proof certificate can get rejected. Take for pre or post paid mobile connection you cannot exempt from providing valid address proof.

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    Hi all….

    I had the similar experience like @ sanjay.ramaswamy, i really had a hard time with fixing the problem. When I had applied for the passport I just had running bank statement and employer certificate as the address proof. I gave my employer certificate as my address proof, and they accepted, and my documents weren’t rejected. All of the above mentioned replies were useful. Thank you all.

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