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Thread: Racism against Indians in UK!!

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    Racism against Indians in UK!!

    Hello everyone,

    I am a MA student in London. I am doing a investigation for my semester end project. I am doing it on racism. I am trying to investigate whether 'does racism still prevail in UK?'

    It is claimed that there is no racial discrimination towards Indians as such. But as far as I know every student I have spoken to so far has had some story or incident to add on to the on going racism stories.

    My tutor, Paul, a Britisher, asked me to write about the topic for he though I could do justice to the topic by getting in touch with the Indians based in UK. And, after having investigated I have realised that racism does still exist, though not in the degree it use to but the practice has not been completely eradicated.

    This investigation has made me realise that I can prove racism still does exist and to make it more concrete I would lie you guys to write in about your views and ideas about the situation. Or, if you have ever been a victim to racial discrimination, be it at work or in school. I would really be grateful if you guys could share your stories with me so I know I am right when I say racism does still exist.

    Please drop in your views.
    Thank you

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    Hello everyone,

    Could you please help me with this. I saw that quite a few have read this post but no one wrote anything about it. Please help me with this. If you are worried that this could get you in trouble, please don't worry about. Because no bodies personal details will be disclosed. Everybody's opinion counts good or bad. I am a student and this article of mine is only restricted to my tutor. If you think you could get in trouble I would be the first one to get in trouble because I am reporting on behalf of many and I am an Indian myself.

    Please help me!!

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    I have never been to UK and I never heard such things so far, but I was able to fine a story which I would like to share it with you I donít know if itís true or not but here is the story of a guy from UK and I think he is an India.
    Today i was passing thru the rail barrier, because of being in such a hurry i showed my ticket to attendant (a black lady) but she told me to go thru the machine, even though she was passing all the white people before and after me. What a wonderful treatment for being an Asian in England! I asked the lady back who got annoyed and didn't answer. A policeman followed and asked "why did you mouth off to her?" when I merely asked the lady why did you pass all the people but not me??

    A British will never admit, but they segregate people in every sphere of their society and make it hard for them, especially to the south Asians (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). Why do they hate people of a certain region even though those people in general are more qualified than their own?

    Hope his does not me sharing the story with others?

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