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Thread: Actual Concept of God in Hinduism

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    Actual Concept of God in Hinduism

    Bhagwat Geeta

    The Bhagwat Geeta says in Chapter. No. 7, Verse. No. 20 -

    ‘That those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires, they
    worship the demi-gods. Deprived of knowledge by this or that desire,
    men resort to other deities.’

    It means that the materialistic people worship false gods - not the true
    Almighty God. The Upanishads are the other Sacred Scriptures of the

    Chandogya Upanishad,

    Chapetr.No. 6, Section No. 2, Verse No.1.

    ‘God is one only… ‘Ekam Avidetuim’… not a second’,

    meaning - there is only God, He doesn’t have any partner, He is alone’.

    It corresponds to what the Holy Qur’an states in Surah Ikhlas, Ch. No. 112,
    V. No.1, ‘Say He is Allah, One and only’.

    Sweta Sutara Upanishad,

    Chapter. No. 6, Verse No. 9,

    ‘Na Kasia Kasji Janita Nakadipa’,

    which means….‘Of Him there is no parents, nor Lord’; He has got no parents, He has got no masters - He
    alone is sufficient, He is not dependent on anyone else.

    ’ As the Holy Qur’aan says in Surah Ikhlas, Ch. No. 112, v. No. 3: ‘He begets not, nor is He begotten’

    The quotation from ‘Upanishads’, was translated by S.Radha Krishnan.

    Sweta Sutara Upanishads,

    Ch. No. 4, V. No. 19, it says …

    ‘Natastiya Pratima Asti’

    which means:‘There is no likeness of Him’.
    This corresponds with the Holy Qur’aan, Surah Ikhlas, Ch. No. 112; Verse No. 4 - ‘There is nothing like Him’.

    Sweta Sutara Upanishads,

    Ch.No.4 Verse No. 20, it says -

    ‘His form cannot be seen, No one can see Him with the eyes.

    This is similar to the message that is given in the Holy Qur’an in Surah Anam, Ch.No.6, and V.No.103…
    ‘No vision can grasp Him, but He grasps all vision, He is beyond comprehension, yet He is acquainted with all things.’

    Vedas, and there are principally 4 Vedas -
    the Rigved,
    the Ajurved,
    the Samved, and
    the Atharvaved.

    The Rigved deals with ‘Songs of praises’;
    the Ajurved deals with ‘Sacrificial formulas’,
    the Samved with Melody, and
    the Atharvaved with Magical formulas.

    It is mentioned in the

    Ch. No. 32, Verse No. 3…

    ‘Natasti Pratima Asti’

    There is no image of Him. He is unborn, and He should be worshipped.’


    Ch. No. 40, V. No.8
    ‘God is bodiless and Pure.


    Ch. No. 40, V. No. 9,
    ‘and asma Pravishanti Ya Sambaiti Upaste’,

    which means –“They are entering darkness those who worship the Asambuti’.
    The‘Asambuti’ are the natural things like air, water, and fire.
    And the verse continues, … “they are sinking more in darkness, those who worship the ‘Sambuti’.
    ” The ‘Sambuti’ are the ‘created things’.

    The quotation given of Yajurved is by Devichand as well as by Ralfh T. Grefith.


    It is mentioned in Atharveda, Book No. 20, Ch. No. 58, Verse No. 3 -
    It says ‘Dev Maha Osi’…

    ‘God is verily great’.

    Similar in Arabic as ‘Allahu-Akbar’ – English - Allah is theGreatest.


    It is mentioned in the Rigved, Book. No. 1, Hymn No. 164, Verse No. 46…
    ‘Sages call one God by many names’.
    In other words, there are a variety of names given to this One God, and the Rigved alone gives no less than 33 different attributes to Almighty
    God - most of which are mentioned in Rigved, Book 2 Hymn No. 1.

    one of the beautiful attribute which is mentioned in Rigved of the Almighty God is ‘Brahama’, which is mentioned in Rigved, Book No. 2, Hymn No.1, Verse No.3. ‘Brahama’ means, ‘The Creator’. If you translate into Arabic, it means ‘Khaalik’. Muslims have got no objection if anyone calls Almighty God, Allah as ‘Khaalik’, or ‘Creator’ or ‘Brahama’.
    But if someone describes ‘Brahama’ - Almighty God- that he has got four heads, and on each head is a crown, and he has got four arms etc., then Muslims take very strong objection to it. Moreover, it is even prohibited in the Yajurved, Ch. No. 32; Verse No. 3, which says… ‘Natastya Pratima Asti’- There is no image of Him.

    Another beautiful attribute, which is given in the Rigved, Book No. 2, Hymn No.1, Verse No. 3, is ‘Vishnu’ which means ‘The Sustainer’. If you translate into Arabic, it means ‘Ar-Razzaaq’. We Muslim have got no objection if someone calls Almighty God as ‘Rabb’ or Ar-Razzaaq or ‘Cherisher’, ‘Sustainer’ or ‘Vishnu’. However, if someone says that ‘Vishnu’ is Almighty God who has got 4 hands, and one of his right hand holds the ‘Chakra’ that is the diskettes, and one of his left hand holds the conch and he is riding on a bird, or reclining on a couch of snakes, we Muslims take strong objection to it. You are going against the Yajurved, Ch. No. 40, V. No. 8, which says: ‘God is body less’ - and in the Upanishads, Ch. No. 4, Verse No. 19, of Sweta Satra Upanishad, which says:
    ‘Natastya Pratima Asti’…‘There is no likeness of Him’. It is mentioned in the Rigveda Book. No. 8, Hymn No. 1, Verse No. 1 ‘Maach dangadi Samshata’ - that means… ‘Do not worship anyone besides Him alone - Praise Him alone’.
    It is mentioned in the Rigved, Book No. 5, Ch. No. 81, Verse No. 1, - ‘Verily great is the glory of the Divine Creator.’

    Same as Surah Fatihah, Chapter 1 V. No. 2…‘Alhamdulillah hi Rabbil `Alameen’… ‘Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds.’


    Book No. 3, Hymn No. 34, Verse No.1,
    ‘He is the Bountiest Giver.’


    Ch.No.40, V. No. 16 -
    ‘Lead us to the good path, and save us from the sin which makes us wander and go astray.’

    The above is similar to the verse in the Holy Qur’aan, in Surah Fatihah Ch. No.1, Verse No. 6 and 7 -
    ‘Show us the straight path, the path of those who have earned thine favour, and the path of those who go not astray.’


    Book No. 6, Hymn No. 45, verse No. 16…

    ‘Ya ekt it mustihi’ -

    ‘Praise Him who is Matchless and Alone.’

    The ‘Brahma Sutra’ of Hinduism, of the Vedanta -

    the main teaching is,
    ‘Akkum Braham Dusta Nastim - Niya nastim Kincham’
    ‘Bagwan Ek hi hai, dhusra nahi hai, nahi hai, nahi hai, zara bhi nahi hai’.

    Whichmeans: ‘There is only one God, not a second one, not at all, not at all, not in the least bit’.

    So according to the Hindu Scriptures themselves you will understand the concept of God in Hinduism is to believe in One God only and there is no such teaching of idol worship.

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    First of all I want to know from u that what do you mean by God?
    Who is God? What is the defination of God?
    Did u ever seen God that he /she has looking like this /that?


    You must think Chirst or Allah is God/ U may think Ganesh has along trunk and he has four Hands, so and so--

    First of all Man realises God as his believes. sacchaI, Astha, favour a supreme power that saves the entire world. As we people are materialistic we are also a part of that. As a part of that people think He might be Like that as he believes, Because he has supreme power by which he created the whole world.

    He has magical powers and he has more knowledge than a man, so man imagine that he might be a large head as Ganesha/ four heads like Brahma, he always blessing the people as he created us. so he have more than two hands. Braahma has four heads as man imgine he has the power of vedas, i.e four vedas. So, he showed as four vedas are four heads of Brahma.

    Man never seen a God, he is unlike christ because christ was took birth in the materialistic world and he serve people as Sirdi Sai baba. His words His works his humanity and his blessings to the realistic world make them God.

    I simply say some thing, when ever U stand before a mirror what do u see. That's only ur body which makes u a person, But do u know what u are, who controls ur mind, and heart. No, u may say its ur mind but U must know it is unstabilised. Some time u think to do some thing and that results some thing unexpected, how's that occurs? Only we are the people packed in a body together with mind and heart, which is help u to breath, to walk to know what u need and to do what u think.

    As with out a person a cycle cannot move automatically, as with out life our body cannot move an inch. That is the life which makes us alive.

    Next as u asks God is One. Yes, He is One. You may prey him as jesus/ allah/ shiv. They all are One.
    So0, my dear friend donot think gods as different . they are all in One. We people are bros/sis.
    u may be ahindu/Muslim/sikh or isai.

    Because In this world there are different people with different thoughts/dharmas with Upanishads/quuran/bible/bhagvat geeta.
    But all vedas/ bible/quran they teach only a message of Love to people and for people. and from people.

    As our fingers are unlike like that people imagine as they believe their God.
    Its Hindu they worship Idol as they belive their God may be looking like him. Its only the faith which makes a stone as God.

    He is the only creater because we are created. he has no parents, no relations, no emotions because we gave them names as we like for ours selves. Some times thing of u may do some mistake and u know very well that u did it, and u felt guilty, at that time what do u do?

    U must leave it to god 'oh god forgive me, mujhse galatii ho gayii---'' because u know that can not do that 'sahiii--' as its over. So my friend it is our selfish ness when we make mistake and leave it on god, Right.

    .‘There is no likeness of Him’.I agreed.
    ‘His form cannot be seen, No one can see Him with the eyes.
    so,That is why people makes their opinion on God. make different thoughts and idols and imaginations on God.your ans in your question only

    There is no image of Him. He is unborn, and He should be worshipped.’‘God is bodiless and Pure.
    absolutely Right, We people gave him a figure to concentrate and to make us worship.

    I don't know sambuti, asmbutii--
    but I do feel that Every good things Like Love, humanity, responsibility, and kindness and are gods. I do request my god to give all these things to people of the world.
    And other than that give a power to judge good and bad and give power to go for good and fight against bad if some one see in his surroundings.

    I think all the dharmas says their god/ allah/jesus/ and krishna are only the great. I believe in god is one and he is great.

    In other words, there are a variety of names given to this One God, and the Rigved alone gives no less than 33 different attributes to Almighty

    because In India only there are so many languages of people are staying. they worshiped as they believe in God.

    My kind request to u don't inquiry so many thinks about God. Only believe him as your mind and heart says. AS We are the only immoratal and materialistic people.

    But if someone describes ‘Brahama’ - Almighty God- that he has got four heads, and on each head is a crown, and he has got four arms etc.,
    But if someone describes ‘Brahama’ - Almighty God- that he has got four heads, and on each head is a crown, and he has got four arms etc., I explained above for this line.
    Believe that which you want to believe, donot say different people have different opinion, you go for that as you want to believe.

    I think U must got the ans of questions. you must clear yuor pic. so my friend/my bro you may be a hindu /muslim/sikh All people are bhai bhai, so catch with humanity.

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