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Thread: Palmistry Books

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    Hi freinds

    My name is mukesh. Could you please help me in suggesting some good books on palmistry. I would be highly ibliged to you. Thanx in advance.

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    Here are the list of some good Palmistry Books with their details:
    Books on the Art of Handreading. NOTE: There are dozens of handreading books, and the quality varies greatly. Many re-digest insights from old favorites like Benham and Cheiro. Look for books which include a section on fingerprints (or even dermatoglyphics) - it is a telling sign that the author takes handreading seriously. Remember that popular handreading books may not be the best ones - some of the best books are actually out of print! Below is a list of books I recommend.
    The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry - This is a palmistry book I highly recommend, and it's my personal favorite. It is written by the well-known hand reader Johnny Fincham. Very popular in England, he is currently booked over eight months in advance for a reading. Johnny is one of the few handreaders today who are advancing the art of handreading rather than wrapping age old palmistry lore in a new cover. The greatest novelty in this book is perhaps the 'passion line': johnny is the first to point this one out, and it's as interesting as it sounds! But there are plenty of other completely novel insights. Great illustrations, excellent evocative metaphors and straight-to-the-heart descriptions make this a truly enlightening read. The only downside is that it's a bit short (157 pages). Also check out Johnny's website and an interview with Johnny.
    Hamilton's Palmistry Encyclopedia - This is a popular book and more for beginners compared to the other 'Encyclopedia' (below). It covers many aspects, such as hand types, mounts, lines, fingerprints and even dermatoglyphics. It is particularly detailed when it comes to the fingers.
    Campbell's Enyclopedia of Palmistry - It is worthwhile for any serious handreader to learn about the many approaches that have been taken throughout history, and that is what this book is about. This book includes an overview of fingerprint patterns as well as palmar dermatoglyphics. Unfortunately it is only available second-hand. You can contact Ed Campbell at the palmistry club for more info.
    Art of Hand Reading - This is a popular book by Lori Reid, with good illustrations. Compared to other books it pays extra attention to occupations and relationships in the palm. It also has a section on fingerprints and dermatoglyphics.

    Hand Psychology - A New Insight into Solving Your Problems - By Andrew Fitzherbert - this author is recommended by the British Cheirological Society, and is for the serious handanalysis 'student'. His previous books seem to be out of print

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    [quote=mukesh]Hi freinds

    My name is mukesh. Could you please help me in suggesting some good books on palmistry. I would be highly ibliged to you. Thanx in advance.[/quote]

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    I wanna study the palmistry.
    So give me some hints about books on that specially by kero.

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