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Thread: Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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    Healthy Breakfast Recipes

    Hi Friends..

    I am a working women. Married and having 2 kids. I am really worried about their appetite. When the schools will start that there is no way kids can have time to have healthy break fast Can any one suggest me the easy to prepare and also it should be healthy also please..

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    I do understand. As a working women its very difficult to maintain both the thing but the fact is we have to look after them now only this is the age where they can consume more energies from food as doctor's says, Hey you can prepare some sandwich's and pavva, Upma and pasta, Oats there are many healthy foods that you can give them. Here I have site where you can get all easy break fasts list which will help you.


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    I too need health recipe tips. Can anyone say some tips or useful sites to get health tips?

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    I want to share that if we take healthy breakfast which include sprouts,chapatti,and milk than whole day is energetic. One should take breakfast as soon as possible because breakfast mean break your fast after 6-7 hour sleep otherwise acid will occur in our stomach which harm our health.

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    Thumbs up kids recipes

    Can you anyone please suggest quick And easy method of preparing healthy Meals to our Kids so that they can Enjoy Eating everyday...

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    I also need one a breakfast recipe and it should be full of vitamins and minerals as well

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    Hi all,
    the breakfast is the the food the health and fitness in all the day,
    we can take it very regularly.........

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    having healthy breakfast is very important for the whole day work.

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    you can prepare some sandwich's, Upma and pasta, Oats and many more. You can also give them egg, fruits....

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    I will suggest to you to try the chicken soup, easy to prepare and it was so healthy fit for your kids needs. You can also add carrots, celery and milk for this recipe.
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    There are many ways of cooking hale breakfast. As a working woman it will be kind of useful and fast.
    I love to cook omplet with eggs, milk, some peppers, tomatoes and some pasley and dill. It is really nutritious and healthy.
    Also you can make oatmeal with any jam or fresh berries. Just add some hot water into oatmeal and wait 5 min than add jam or fesh berries( better strawberry, rasberry, bluberry and blakberry).
    I love to do various smoothies. Mix any nuts (walnuts, almond or sunflower seeds), dried fruits (raisin, dried apricot, prune or fig), oatmeal, flakes and yogurt. You can add some fresh fruits. Do whatever you like it depends on your fantasy!!! Enjoy your meal!!!

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    HI Friends,

    There are many ways to make healthy foods for kids, for example Bombay toast very easy and tasty as well, You require

    Bread, Eggs, salt, ghee or oil... Just batter egg in a wide bowl and dip bread in that and make a toast in tawa (frying pan) and serve them... If you want sweet you can add sugar in the eggg while battering... Hope it will be useful.. If you guys liked it I will give you some more recipe Cee ya!!

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    diet plan for morning

    Hi all,

    It is always necessary to have a good breakfast in morning like banana,bread, omlet and a glass of milk or juice. As it helps to start a kick off day.

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    Hi all,

    As you said, fruits are the main source that helps you to maintain a balanced diet for a healthy life; I will give you the most delightful recipe here which is made up of only fruits.

    The recipe for Fruit Smoothie is: Mix all the fruits in a mixer or a blender. Pour it into glass to enjoy the goodness of the fruits.

    The necessary ingredients are:

    1 sliced apple, 1 sliced orange, 1 banana, 1 sliced fresh apricot, 1 sliced peach, 5 strawberries, handful of raspberries, handful of blueberries and 2 teaspoons of honey

    As fiber content, vitamins and minerals are rich in these fruits; this Fruit Smoothie helps to reduce the calories and acts as the healthier option for the people one who is in the diet.

    Even your little ones go crazy for this!!!

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    I am a working women, I have 2 kids going for school, I do tasty breakfast everyday but my kids wont have it.. They waste it everyday.. I really dont have time but still some how I get up fast and manage to prepare for the one day pasta other day macroni, upma, parotha, kabhi toast etc.. Lekin woh khatein hi nahi main kya karu please any one guide me with the good breakfast recipe which kids like the most... I will be very thankful to them!!

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    Thanks for sharinf this really nice recipe for fruit smoothie
    I am definitely going to try it out

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