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Thread: Date Night Tips

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    Everyone loves a little something sweet once in a while! For your next date night, plan on capturing not only your love's attention, but their sweet tooth as well. This date can take place at home or out on the town. For more ideas, see below…

    At Home

    The "at home" version of this date is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend some creative time together. You'll need to pick a recipe for something you both love and that is at your cooking level. Cookies or brownies are always an easy and fun dessert to cook together. If you're feeling more adventurous, a cake, pie or even homemade ice cream might be a better idea.


    * Make sure you have all the ingredients you'll need before you start.

    * Play either some romantic music or have a favorite movie playing in the background.

    * Light some candles for a romantic ambience.

    * Add a creative touch to whatever you're making. For example, shape cookies into hearts or write messages on brownies with frosting.

    * Even if what you make turns out to be a complete disaster, don't worry. It's the memories you make spending time together that count.


    If you don't feel up to making anything, plan on picking up different desserts from various restaurants around town. Then swap desserts while playing a board game, doing a puzzle, watching a movie, or just watching the sun go down.

    Going Out

    The "on the town" version of this date night can be quite fun. Pick three to four different restaurants where you've always wanted to try their desserts. Hopefully they are close together! At each one, only order one dessert that you will both share. The progressive nature of this date night is what makes it unique and fun. The romance can be added with little touches like a custom made CD you listen to on the way or with restaurants selected for their romantic environment. If you can, try to make reservations to avoid unnecessary waiting.

    Pack a picnic blanket, something warm to drink and pick up your desserts to go. Make sure to ask for cutlery and napkins at one of the restaurants. Then drive to a cozy spot for two and enjoy some private time together over something sweet.

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    Thanks for the tips. Some of the most romantic dates are the ones that cost the least. To make up for lack of funds, you have to put in your imagination and heart.
    Thanks again

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    love your idea buddy. will try it. when can i hold her hand? before or after or during?

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    Just be yourself and from my personal experience this is my advice to you, you should really pay attention to is the art of listening more than talking, most of us like talking more than listening and so when somebody is listening the talker with no doubt will like you for sure. I know it can be hard to keep your mouth shut, but the results are grand, just try this am sure he or she will talk to their friends about you.

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