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Thread: Best Time To Visit China?

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    Hi,, I am planning to visit China. Plz tell what is the best time to visit China?

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    Hi ,,,
    Normally, the most comfortable season of the year is early autumn (September to early October). During that period, temperatures are reasonable throughout China. So u can plan your trip in that season.

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    Anytime of the year! depending on the city in china you want to visit. Just get to know the information you need to get to the place

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    Yes, it depend on where you visit, Kunming is called spring city, where temperature and scenery you may feel in spring always, so you can visit anytime of the year; Guilin is one of the best plance to go, there is a saying, west and east guilin scenery is best; Shuzhou and hangzhou there are always beautiful girls walking pass you on street; Shaolin temper is origin of Gongfu; You may visit Shanghai and beijing etc nice cities; I think there are many plances which are worthy to visit.

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    Hi, if you want to see the culture of China you could visit it during the festival season...especially the 'Golden Weeks' i.e Spring Day and National Day...you can avail of special packages for these festivals....so, plan your trip in advance cuz, these festivals attract a lot of tourists, get your visa done perhaps from vfs and enjoy the sights of mystic China... have fun !

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